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All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe a must read

A seriously can’t put it down… witty and lovely read!  The illustrations are just darling and things I want to tear out and frame!  Stephanie and her rules are amazing!  Best dating advice ever.  Two things I love combined… love & wardrobe….yes please!  Total perfection!
I love and relate to almost every rule in the book but these below are especially familiar… so I’ve decided to share some of my favs!
Pretty sure I went on a date with this guy just last week!  Tall, handsome, successful, emotionally available (or so I thought), who basically planned out our life together (red flag right), and our next 5 vacations, and made himself my wedding date to a wedding 2,000 miles away without me inviting him.  Even flew into Atlanta to take me out.  Well bubble skirt… busted.  Rule 11.  I own you.

*give me some of this NOW!!!

So this happened to me…. too.  Should I just be checking all these “dont’s” off my list as lessoned learned.  Rule 16.  Been there.  Done that.  

I highly highly recommend keeping a journal or even saving his name in your phone as “guy always in a funk” and jotting down notes on why you moved on in the comment section because mark my words guys WILL COME BACK….FULL CIRCLE.  And you’ll conveniently get glamnesia.  I couldn’t agree more with Rule 18.  Slow clap for Stephanie for this nice little reminder.
Ah the smell of desperation and a hard sell.  This is uncomfortable and awkward and will definitely ruin any chance of you ever seeing him ever again either way you go because he only has one intention.  I mean sell, beg, plead, demand, it’s all very unflattering so why do it?

Rule 6, 40, 101 and everything above… they are all my favorites!  I could have read this forever!  I want more!  I want more!  Laugh out loud funny and familiar rules you’ll love but with a stylish twist!  It’s a super easy read that you can finish in one sitting (I mean if I did it you can do it) and I definitely recommend reading it!  Like NOW!  Go on.  Grab a glass of wine and a little Love and Wardrobe… Hurry up!
Thanks Steph for Love & Wardrobe!  Hope y’all love it as much as I did.  
You can find All’s Fair in Love and Wardrobe here and Stephanie’s Love and Wardrobe twitter here so go say hi!  

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