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Have you ever gotten family portraits done during your family vacation?

You know the ones I’m talking about right? The families in matching khakis paired with white or black shirts awkwardly posed by the beach either at sunrise or sunset. The ones millenials grew up thinking were a little cheesy. Well, as an elder millennial now I finally tested them out during my last trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos and I approve!

Mike and I rarely get photos together because he’s always the one taking the pictures or holding Colton while I shoot. I didn’t bring a photographer on my trip and couldn’t find any online that I liked so when I heard Beaches offered family portraits right on the property,  I signed up immediately. We got a free 20-minute session where we could pick morning for blue waters or sunset for that golden glow. I choose morning because Turks & Caicos has the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen.

Our Experience

The photographer was a pro. I was super impressed with his ability to direct us and work with Colt baby.  When I checked in, there were about 6 photographers and they had people booked back-to-back. So, I’m assuming they’re kind of a big deal based on the sheer volume of people wanting to get family portraits done. I mean, where else would you take family portraits? An epic vacation seems like the perfect spot for me. Tanned, glowing, happy smiles with a beautiful background. Yes, please!

We got a few shots in and Colt baby ran straight for the water. We were able to hold him off for a bit but ultimately he won and both Mike and I ended up soaking wet. The photographer was so chill. He was like, “just go with it and I’ll keep shooting!” Love that! Candid moments that aren’t staged happen to be my favorite type of photo anyways.

To be honest, I was hoping for just 1 good shot. Just 1 photo I could print. Turns out this photographer crushed it! They were all mainly bangers and I got about 10 that I absolutely love.

I didn’t even mind shooting in public with people watching. The crowd around the beach was dying laughing and told us we were so entertaining to watch. I was sweating from chasing Colton, Mike was soaked and Coltbaby is off in the background throwing sand. I can imagine that visual is pretty hilarious.

After the entire experience, I would say book it! Do it. Get the photos. Capture the moments. Save these memories. My only advice would be to book multiple shoots if you can. A 20-minute session at sunrise and a 20-minute session at sunset. If you have babies or toddlers, bring a stroller and some games and try to get a shot of you and your partner. You won’t regret it!

Here are some photos from our family photoshoot

my favorite photo

that smile melts me

Sesame Street Character Photoshoot

We also got photos done with the Sesame Street characters and Colt baby is obsessed. He carries this photo around with him everywhere. I got one blown up for his room and he points to Elmo every single day. We also got him the stuffed animal plush toys and he’s carried his Sesame squad around him nonstop since this trip. I know he’ll cherish these memories forever or at least I will.

Thanks to Beaches Resorts for hosting us and Epix Professional Imaging for the photos.