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My BIRTHDAY and 30 before 30

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine
If you haven’t already. Go catch up on my Kicking A$$: Life Lessons From My 20s post HERE.
I have a few fun things planned to celebrate!  My theme this year is Red Red Wine You Make Me Feel So Fine, Ady’s turning 29!  Good right? haha As long as it incorporates my favorite drink I’m cool with it!
25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine
Ok so it might not include Lady Gaga (I wish) but it does involve wine… lots and lots of WINE!
25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine
25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine
25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine
Tonight we’re going to a local rooftop bar to what else… drink wine!  Rooftop views of Atlanta, live music, friends, and WINE! Perfection.
Saturday I’m heading to the Chateau Elan winery for some tastings.  Now I know I lived in San Francisco and nothing compares to Napa Valley especially not Georgia wines but hey, it’s as close as I can get… and I’ll take it!  Happy Birthday to ME!
Thank you so much to everyone that has already wished me Happy Birthday!  I really appreciate the love!
My friend was telling me about a 30 before 30 list I’m supposed to create and I thought what a great idea that was for my last year in my twenties.  AH! Like a bucket list before I turn 30 kind of thing.  
I would absolutely love your help here!!! If you have any ideas feel free to jump in here and put them in the comment section below.
1. Get fit. Like best shape of my life ever.
2. See a play or go to the Opera
3. Learn Spanish (eventually)
4. Hire a stylist and totally revamp my closet (you can find my closet on Posh HERE)
5. Read more. Let’s start with the 3 new books I just bought.
6. Travel out of the country.
7. Get cleared to run. For those of you that don’t know I had hip surgery last year and can work out but I haven’t been cleared to run yet.  Still waiting.
8. Attend a blog party or conference or something that I always see everyone else doing.  Are there any in Atlanta?
9. Go to a polo match
10. Go to a rugby game
11. Volunteer
12. Explore Atlanta and do things I haven’t done before. Learn the city.
13. Join a kickball team (after I can run that is)
14. Go to church more
15. Join a small group at Church
16. Create a gallery wall in my office
17. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 30th Birthday. I think it will also include my list! 😉 Thanks for this idea Kelly!
18. Cut out all fast food – including ice cream!
19. Cut out soda
20. Save money every month and don’t touch it!
21. Do something I’ve never done before.
22. Make peace with my past
23. Go to bed before midnight
24. Watch less TV
25. Plan out my day/meals and get in a routine
26. Cook all my meals 
27. Disconnect from social media and my cell phone when off from work and bored. Put it down.
30. Be Happy!
I’ve had some pretty AMAZINGLY AWESOME BIRTHDAY’S in my 20s so I know this last one will be no different!  
21st Birthday in college at the University of Alabama.  A bar crawl in an attempt to go to 21 bars and take 21 shots.  I still have that “road map” / signed birthday card framed in my house to this day! My wristbands from each bar are the border around the map.
                            San Fran                                                                                Vegas
My 25th Birthday in San Francisco.  Having some of my best friends from college fly out to celebrate with me and then randomly and spontaneously jumping on a plane to celebrate in Vegas for the night. No bags. No hotel.  Just partying all night and then getting kicked off the plane the next morning and having to wait in the Vegas airport for a few hours.  LEGENDARY. 
What I like to call my Super Sweet 16+10 Pink Party in San Fran.  Shenanigans included renting 2 Limo’s, one white Escalade that picked us up on Chestnut Street and then somewhere in the night trading out for a hot pink Hummer limo.  Having the lyrics from Ice Cream Paint Job written on the windows. Having a one hit rap wonder’s mom be our driver and super cool.  Stopping by a Fire Station, trying on the clothes, sliding down the pole, having a bar chant with you on the way out, being a bar tender, dancing on the bar, and having two extremely cool professional baseball boys drive in to celebrate with you and your friends!  A. GREAT. NIGHT. 
Moving back to Atlanta and celebrating my 27th Birthday NEON style! Sorry for Party Rockin’!
28 is GREAT! My very first surprise Birthday Party!  I had so much fun and was totally shocked.  I got to carry around balloons all night, be a bar tender, throw napkins on the bar and got to celebrate with some totally amazing friends!!  Plus night 2 of the Birthday weekend was a pub crawl!
Cheers to the last year in my 20s.  Cheers to 29!  Here we go world.