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Me and My House have been WellKept lately

Hey #VGBsquad!  Ady here!  Sorry I’ve been on a bit of hiatus.  I took a much needed break during the Holidays.  If you follow us on any form of social media you know I got engaged on NYE! Eeeek!  Literally the best day ever.  I’ve stopped doing personal posts on the blog but I figured y’all deserved to know what I’ve been up to!

First, this photo seemed to do pretty well on social media getting regram’d by a ton of big accounts and it keeps growing!  Thanks so much for sharing our special day!

engaged smpweddings nye  engaged smpweddings nye  engaged smpweddings nye

The next question everyone seems to ask is have we set a date yet.  Literally the next day that was the first question. haha The answer is no. We haven’t.  I’m spending most of my time staring at my ring and just enjoying being engaged.  Next steps for us was moving day.  The boyfriend now fiancé moved into my house!   Finally after a year of dating. ( I don’t think I’ll ever get used to saying fiancé.  #weird but it makes me happy)  PS.  I highly recommend doing it that way instead of rushing in out of convenience.  It’s been so great!

Before that could happen I had to get the house cleaned.  You know, try to look all domesticated and shit. hah I reached out for a lifeline on this one and booked an appointment with WellKept.  And thank goodness because it was easy, in budget, and they did a great job!  I have 2 dogs and 2 roommates (now 3 counting boo thang) and we like to keep it clean (or at least try).  If you speak pet language you know that means 2 furbabies shedding all over the house which turns into massive dust bunnies of hair if you don’t take care of it on the reg.  I typically get the house cleaned twice a month and sometimes I feel like even that isn’t enough in between my own mini vacuum sessions.

First things first. You book using their online calendar which is easy peasy.  The great thing that sets them apart is that you can book by room!  Meaning you can book 1 room or 1 bathroom or a combo of whatever you want and customize your cleaning experience.  Which couldn’t be more prefect for room mate situations.  Even better because it starts at $15 for those services.   I like to clean the whole house 1x/week and then the next week only clean the common areas.


Well Kept.  They come they clean they conquer.  Crazy right.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  The WellKept team did an amazing job.  If you saw my snapchat, my house was spotless!  It has never been so clean.  I’ll be switching to their cleaning service from now on because they did such a better job than my current cleaners. I’ve actually gone ahead and booked them again for tomorrow so jump on snapchat for a home tour and cleaning progress!  If only you could smell the clean.  It’s my favorite.
Just go to and enter your zip code to book your apt. 
So now that the house is clean the fiancé was able to move his things in.  I have two walk in closets and I had to give up 1/2 of 1 to accommodate his clothes.  Blah.  But it wasn’t so bad.  It forced me to go through my clothes and pick out things I no longer wear.  I took 5 bags, the equivalent of 50-100 items of clothes to the shelter.  I decided I didn’t want to donate to Goodwill this year because they just sell your clothes back and I could do that myself. I decided that during the holidays it was best to just drop them off at the homeless shelter.  Along with purses, shoes, shampoo, conditioner, new jewelry, suitcases, lamps, new pillows, with about 20 McDonalds hamburgers.  I made a few new friends and loved the girls that immediately threw on the Alabama shirts I dropped off!  Spreading the game day spirit! Roll Tide.  

Anyways, I highly recommend donating.  Remember you can also donate your old pet stuff, especially outgrown sweaters and outfits to the pet rescues and shelters in the area.  These winter months always worry me.  I really hope everyone brings in their “outside dog” from the cold this winter.  

Sorry I’m rambling now so I’m off to bed.  It’s officially 3 am.  #blogsohard  Does anyone else blog late night? 

I hope everyone has a great week!  



*Sponsored by WellKept