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Our Private Wedding Ceremony at a Castle in France

wedding chateau de bourron France

The Chateau de Bourron is gorgeous. Ever since I saw the aerial picture on Celtic Castles I knew I had to go. I had no doubts, this was the place I wanted to get married.  I planned our entire trip around our castle stay and it was the best vacation, wedding, ceremony, honeymoon ever – EVER! By the way, did I mention the photo above was featured on The Knot!  Best day ever!

To give y’all some background, I didn’t want to take the “real wedding” route. I’d rather save my money and spend it on traveling, my mortgage, making memories, or investing it so I can retire earlier.  I don’t think I’d even be able to do a big fancy elaborate wedding because to me, wedding planning is the worst. I can’t fathom spending tens of thousands of dollars on one day. Not only that, but asking guests to travel and bring gifts, go to engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties… it’s just a lot to ask of people at this stage in my life. Maybe if I was 25 I would be more open to it…but I’m not, I’m 30. My parents also paid for my out of state college tuition so asking for 50k (plus or minus) wasn’t about to happen. They’ve done so much for me already. I had The Knot wedding planners call me Bride Chilla after I asked for Snoop Dog to perform at our family party lol. Unfortunately they didn’t know his number.

I’m not knocking your wedding if you had one or want to. In fact, chances are 99% of the people that read this did. Lawd knows we got some flack for it. We were told our way wasn’t traditional, anti-climatic, and the list goes on and on. Even from family. I feel bad that my husband had to defend the way we wanted to get married because when you share your idea of the best day of your life the only response you should get is “Congratulations, we’re so happy for you.” But guess who gives zero fucks about other peoples opinions…me. Because it’s not your wedding and we didn’t ask for your opinion. Your day should be magical and exactly how YOU want! Everyone else should respect that regardless of how you want to spend your day. There is no right way. Most of our traditional norms were created by advertising and a wedding industry anyways so don’t feel bad about ditching them.

There is so much pressure on girls to go all out for their wedding. Eloping is definitely not traditional but just remember to do what you want, do you. Do what makes you happy. This is your day. It’s about you and your husband and your life together and the love you share. So screw everyone else who thinks it’s about how much your flowers cost or if you rented out the nicest venue.

Rant over. Ok, more about our ceremony!

We had a small bon voyage party at home for our family and close friends before we left. We wanted to include the fam because they mean so much! It was snowmahgeddon in Atlanta which made for an interesting weekend but we pulled it off.

Our private ceremony in France was so special. We locked our love on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris prior to driving to the Chateau. We were excited to exchange letters we had written to each other, and just be alone to soak it all in, in the most beautiful 17the century castle in France. These memories will definitely last a life time.

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Check out some photos from our ceremony at Chateau de Bourron

elope wedding in france chateau de bourbon travel blogger
Tulle skirt courtesy of Welcome To Royalty

elope wedding in france chateau de bourbon travel blogger

chateau de bourron wedding france

Engraved Mrs hanger courtesy of Beloved Wedding Hanger


chateau de bourron France castle travel blogger
Earrings courtesy of Merci Perci

*All photos by Jennifer Oetting Photography

chateau de bourron France castle travel blogger

chateau de bourron France castle travel blogger

chateau de bourron France castle travel blogger

*All drone work by VGB and Elevated Advantage with DJI Mavic Pro


I’d love to hear your wedding stories below! Much love! xoxo

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  • Your photos are so magical! You are so beautiful!

    My husband and I had a small wedding in the same small church where my parents eloped. We only had our parents and siblings there. Then we had three wedding receptions afterward: one in my hometown and two in Ohio! We thought the same thing about pre-wedding parties and guests traveling, but we still wanted to throw parties for our friends and family to celebrate with us. So we did things our way to have the best of what mattered to us!

    My friends loved not having to buy bridesmaid dresses or attend extra events or have wedding work to do. Very few people had to travel more than a two-hour drive since most of our friends and family lived in South Carolina or Ohio.

    We definitely received our fair share of passive aggressive remarks from family members who thought they should have been “exceptions” to our parents and siblings only rule. But pretty much everyone else agreed that what we did was so Dan and Brita, which is what mattered to us.

    • I love that! Thanks so much for sharing! This is why you’re my favorite because you do whatever you want to do! I respect that. It’s your day and it means so much more to you and your husband because you did it your way and in the same church as your parents! That’s amazing!

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