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Jet Setting… Part 2. Back at Home

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling for work… if you follow me just in blog world… you probably haven’t seen much of me lately.  But I’m back.  And sharing my travels and traveling experiences with you!  If I summed it all up in one post I’d overwhelm you with pictures so I’ve split it up into a 4 part post.  We’ll be hitting Chicago, Vegas, a little bit of home, and San Francisco.

First stop was Chi-Town. Chicago.  A truly amazing city!  If you didn’t read about my first trip to Chicago you can catch up HERE.  If you missed my 2nd Chicago post… just click here. 

Second stop is home!

In between my work trips I got to come home for a day here and there… so here is my collection of home!

I love love love when flowers are delivered ‘ready’.  I literally walked downstairs and there was a knock knock at my door.  I opened the door and this lovely lady handed me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers ever.  Already in water, already opened, already in a vase.  AMAZING!  And they lasted 3 weeks!

Beautiful flowers

I was home just in time for my room mates Birthday!  We went to a Greek Restaurant where there was aggressive napkin throwing, belly dancing, and tons of Birthday fun!  For some reason I really love when bartenders make it rain napkins.

I took one of my clients out to a skeet shooting range to shoot trap and skeet.  My first time.  Bruised shoulder. Rookie move.  But I did okay.

Then I headed off to some Braves baseball games! I love baseball and summer time!

I love Sunday Fundays!  Days like this are my favorite.  Going to the river and playing with my Hartley pup.  She loves the water and chasing her ball.  She gets so excited.

I came home and gave the puppy a bath… you never know what’s in river water… and even got in a water fight myself with my guy above (I lost, insert soaking wet picture here, which I have but will not post haha).  We came home to my new patio and grilled out.  King crab legs and steak!  It was amazing.  Relaxed outside, drank some wine. All and all a great day.

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