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Décor Tips: How to Make Dark Walls Work

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There is beauty in darkness, don’t you think? There is something magical about dark nights and starry skies. People tend to avoid having dark walls out of fear that it will send off the wrong message. On the other hand, if you really like the idea of having dark walls in your home, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t try pulling it off. All you need are a few expert tips and you’ll be good to go, so let’s get started.

Darkness and light

There is no light without dark and vice versa, but you need to remember that in order to have dark walls in your home, you need to think about lighting too. If there isn’t enough light, you will have a feeling that the space is smaller than it actually is, and you will feel claustrophobic, so don’t hesitate to get a few lamps and open those blinds to let the sun in. If you want to make the room appear big and spacious you should avoid using dark paint on the walls, but if the room is spacious enough, you can choose a dark hue to ‘hide’ some of that light.

Make sure the walls are smooth

Remember, the darker the hue, the more you’ll notice any imperfection on your walls, so it’s important to prepare the walls before you actually paint them. Take off all the paintings and fill the holes with filler (use scraper or a filling knife). Tiny holes and small cracks can easily be filled with filler, but if you have any bumps or bigger holes, you might want to fix those things before you paint the walls, as dark paint will make any imperfection more noticeable, and you don’t want to regret painting your walls the moment the paint dries, do you?

Add splashes of color

Dark walls are minimalistic and simple, and the best way to emphasize these points even further is to add soft, romantic pieces which will contrast this dark minimalism. You don’t have to look too far: simple pieces such as closets and shelves made of wood (wood comes off as naturally warm), linen curtains in bright yellow and green, and even colorful chandeliers and lamps will look elegant and the walls themselves will be made of wood, linen curtains in bright yellow and green, and even colorful chandeliers and lamps will look elegant and the walls themselves will be more dramatic. Even fluffy rugs and colorful cushions on a sofa will look great, colors will appear brighter and dark walls even darker.

Gradation is great

Gradation is a great solution if you have spacious rooms with plenty of natural light, because it allows you to play with shades and hues and get that eclectic and artistic look of the room. It’s even better if you have high ceilings: that’s when you can paint the darkest shade up to eye-level (approximately), and switch to a lighter shade up to the ceiling. As a finish, keep the ceiling completely white. This dramatic look is best achieved with black, grey, and white, but you can also use navy, burgundy, and purple if you want. The darkest hue somewhat anchors the wall while the lighter one makes it look like the room is opening up to a white sky/ceiling. Even if you use it for a smaller room it will make it appear much bigger.

Reach out to professionals

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get the shade you wanted. It’s tricky with dark colors: purple, burgundy, navy, and dark grey are always difficult to mix and get the desired shade. When you don’t have time to improvise, mix, match, and start all over again, ColourLife painting company services suggest that you browse around for professional help. Besides, professional painters will also make sure not to leave a mess when they leave, and you won’t have to worry about spending hours after painting to clear out the paint, buckets, and brushes.

While some people will never be brave enough to embrace their dark side and paint the walls black, there will always be those who love experimenting and trying out something new and unique. Dark walls will make everything else stand out: your family photos, artwork, wicker chairs, and small lamps which would otherwise be plain and boring. Allow dark to bring out the light in the room!