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Jet Setting… Part 1. Chicago

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling for work… if you follow me just in blog world… you probably haven’t seen much of me lately.  But I’m back.  And sharing my travels and traveling experiences with you!  If I summed it all up in one post I’d overwhelm you with pictures so I’ve split it up into a 4 part post.  We’ll be hitting Chicago, Vegas, a little bit of home, and San Francisco.

First stop. Chi-Town. Chicago. A truly amazing city!  If you didn’t read about my first trip to Chicago you can catch up HERE.

A few things I love about Chicago:
*The festivals (there is always something going on)
*Wrigleyville and Goose Island
*The people; everyone is so nice; everyone is out and about being active.  This city really reminds me a lot of San Francisco.  I’m a fan.

My hotel

Nice little lunch view

Room service. My favorite part about hotel livin’

My office days snuggling with our new employee

amazing roof top views

SF and BAMA reunion with some old friends

my coworkers know me so well… this was waiting for me when I walked into the office on Friday.

sampling some of Chicago’s finest

Visiting the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) was one of the scariest things (but fun) I’ve done in a while.  Walking out on the sky deck over a glass floor was terrifying.  First off, if y’all ever go make sure to buy a fast pass because waiting in line for 2 and a half hours was not fun… at all!

And apparently people in Chicago have no regard for your personal space.  I mean we are in a line. You are not going to cut me. You are not going to get any closer or move any faster by standing as close as possible to me.  People invading my space and stepping on my heels every time I move forward in line was not fun.  To the point where I actually turned around 3 times and asked this person to back up and stop running into me.  I mean after I ask you once nicely you think you’d get the hint. Right?

Anyways, back to Willis Tower.  Check out these amazing views!

Don’t look down

Well that was my trip to Chicago! Round 2.  I still missed a lot.  There are so many things I wanted to see and do but just ran out of time.  What do y’all recommend next time I go back?

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