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I just launched a new creators class I’m so excited about where my goal is to help you make your first $100K as a content creator! It’s all about how to make it as a profitable creator in 2023. I help you create powerful pitches and unlock paid partnerships and share all about the creator economy. 

Plus you get my eBook “14 Creative Ways Creators Can Make $10K” just for registering!

In this FREE Masterclass, you’re going to:

  • Is influencing profitable in 2023?
    Get industry insights and trends to determine if being a content creator is a good career for you. Learn what other creators are making.
  • Our secrets to monetizing NO MATTER your following size
    Make $$$ even with ZERO followers! We’ll go over everything you need to know about UGC (user-generated content).
  • Steal our pitching secrets and strategies that landed our students $1M in brand deals (LIVE EXAMPLES!)
    Plus the number one secret no one has told you about landing paid brand deals. 
  • Learn how to stand out in a brand’s eyes
    (Insider tips from brands themselves)
    (as a thank you for being here!)

Blog world seems to be a little hush-hush on how bloggers make money and monetize their blogs but it’s what we’re all wondering right?  How much money are you making? Are you making money?  Is your blog profitable?  Who do you work with?  How did you get that sponsor?  etc…  


And yes granted there are those that are blogging out of the pure joy for writing and don’t give a rats behind about making money from their blog.  If that is you, then this post might not be for you.  I love blogging and the blogging community.  I love the friends and companies I’ve met and worked with along the way.  It’s an incredible journey.  But, I also blog with the intention of making money.  That is my goal.  I’m passionate about my blog and oh so proud.  I am so happy with how far it’s come so why wouldn’t I want to make money off of it?  Making money doing something you love is a dream.  #amiright


If you knew me when I was When In Doubt Just Add Glitter, then you know that wasn’t always the case but boy have we grown up around here.  It’s taken me some time to get my act together but getting organized is the first step. 

*Network Memberships are companies you sign up with to connect with brands.  Meaning, sponsors and brands will choose to work with you and drum roll… pay you for it, and/or send you free products to review.   

 If you watch the masterclass above I’ll give you my entire list for free!

If you missed Social Media 101, My Background, Why Bloggers Need Snapchat, or Personal vs. Blog Instagram accounts check those out for more social media basics and blog how-tos.   


What network memberships or affiliate programs are your favorite to work with and why?  And as always, want more or have questions just ask! 



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