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How to Look Stylish During Christmas While Staying Cozy

Winterwear is awesome, and dressing up for Christmas eve and parties is always fun. Here are our top fashion tips to look stylish for Christmas while staying cozy. #Christmas #Style

Who doesn’t love winter wear? One of our favorite things about Christmas is that it gives us an excuse to dress up for all the events that pop up during December – from office parties to Christmas eve celebrations, they’re all the perfect excuse to rock that super extra dress you’re too scared to put on any time of the year because… sequins.

One of the biggest challenges we face during the holidays is managing to look stylish without… you know, freezing our asses off. Evening get-togethers, Christmas office parties, late-night after-parties, and family dinners are all great fun, but dressing up for them can require some serious effort if you live in a place where the cold is an issue during the holiday season. 

If you’re wondering how to dress this Christmas season, these tips will keep you stylish without sacrificing comfort. Yep, it’s totally doable!


Trusted tips to rock your Christmas style without feeling cold


Play with accessories

It is not always about stylish clothing; you can dress as simple as you want and still rock that look with the right accessories.  

You can find a variety of Christmas special accessories in the market that can create a perfect pair with your dresses. Large-sized earrings can highlight your festive spirit. Other than this, you can also use hats and scarves for popping up your personality. The watches, brooches and little glammed out manicure can help you add some festive twist to the look. 


Fancy footwear

It is time to move a step ahead of those stilettos and look more stylish with chunky heels.  They’re flashy without being uncomfortable and will keep you warm on long night parties. Chunky heels add stability and they are way cozier and comfortable than any other type of heel, so grab a pair or two if you have tons of Christmas parties lined up with the season! 

Another style we’re loving that does the trick and keeping you warm are over-the-knee boots with short dresses. Pair them up with stockings are you’re ready to go!

Make sure to always bring a pair of flats in your purse, just in case you decide to dance the night away during the wee hours.


Faux-fur accents

In the cold wintry weather, you can also add more elegance to your personality by using faux fur jackets. They look stylish, elegant, and will keep you warm and cozy. Pair them up with long boots and voila! You’ve got yourself an easy and super classic look.

The latest boho collections can help you fill your wardrobe with ultimate winter fabrics. They look amazing for all holiday parties and events. 


Get some cozy fabrics

The very first step to prepare for your comfortable dressing on this Christmas eve is finding a perfect holiday outfit in the market. 

You need to be so careful in the selection process so that it looks beautiful without compromising for comfort. Don’t pick fabrics that can cause itching or scratches on your body, it’s better to avoid synthetics and move to some natural materials during the colder months as they allow your skin to breath better without causing any irritation. 

By wearing such fabrics, you can always feel fresh and light. Cotton is the best solution for winters; however, you can also look for cashmere to avoid cheaper wools. 


The warmth of leggings

You can wear your favorite black dress when there is some sunshine out, and the weather doesn’t seem so chilly – but when the holidays have turned into the shivering mode, you have to be more careful. 

It is good to stay warm by wearing a wool legging within your long dress. If the dress is shorter, you can add a sparkling touch to those leggings to get a special festive feel. For the night parties, you can go that extra mile with a cute winter coat: They can pump up your classic personality in a stylish yet warm way. 

Our favorite high waisted leggings are Zions Den Apparel black lifestyle leggings.


Add some layers

When it is getting colder outside, even the restaurant crowd cannot make you feel warm. 

Layer up (and then more) to keep your body at the right temperature. Try a snug fit undershirt below your clothes as it can be hidden with ease while keeping you cozy with a thermal layer. You can also get some warmer inner wears to fend off the chilly weather. 


The oversized sweater

When you want to look effortlessly stylish, the best idea is to get an oversized sweater. They are one of the trendiest solutions these days and will definitely enhance your appeal to the party. 

You can easily find those sweaters in a wide range of colors and styles. They don’t just look effortlessly stylish, they’ll also keep you warm during the peak winter season. The additional benefit of these long sweaters is that they can also keep your thighs warm. 


Maxi dress with a coat

Maxi dresses are the perfect choice for Christmas celebrations, but they’re not always the warmest option.

A thick leather jacket or a cute black coat will do the trick here. Pair either with a maxi dress and you’ve got yourself a simple yet stylish look that never goes wrongs.


Ready to rock that Christmas look? With these tips and tricks, you’ll rock your Christmas style while staying cozy when out and about during the winter months.