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How to Do Christmas On a Budget

Wondering how to save money this Christmas? The holiday season can be expensive, so we've put together our top hacks to do Christmas on a budget. #Christmas

The Christmas period is an expensive time of the year. Buying gifts for everyone and their grandmas, parties, buying decorations, traveling to see loved ones, costs add up and they can take a real toll on your wallet.

Still, though, doing Christmas on a budget is totally possible! It’s not exactly easy, but there are tons of hacks you can try out to make things easier on your bank account this holiday season. Ditch the financial burden and remember that Christmas is a time to spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the chilly weather, and get into the holiday spirit without spending thousands.


We’ve rounded up our surefire tips to help you celebrate Christmas on a budget:


Decorate meaningfully and not just for the sake of it

Christmas decorations are used to add a festive touch to your home or office. Whether you believe in the religious meaning of Christmas or you just like the magic of the holiday season, pick your decoration to express what you feel about Christmas without feeling pressure for more. Below are some easy ways to do a meaningful decoration without breaking the bank.

  • Go for a string of colorful lighting. They will instantly make any room look Christmas-y
  • Make simple handmade tree trimmings
  • Children always come first during Christmas, so pick the children’s fav ornaments or toys first.


Set a Christmas budget in advance

Before the frenzy of Christmas takes its toll on you, work out how much your bank account can spare for Christmas without going red. 

If you start early enough, you will have more freedom to save a bit more. Whatever budget conclusion you arrive at, try and stick to it – it’s an indicator of what you can and cannot afford.  A simple budgeting tip is putting a small amount in a savings account every month or week and stick to it. Doing so will give you a sizable sum to spend during Christmas without hurting your account.


Trade materialism for unforgettable memories

Christmas treats such as a trip to the Panto or a visit to Santa are magical for kids, and they’re often cheaper alternatives to the shopping mall and designer products.

Look for local community events for the kids, go snow sledding, and don’t forget the excitement value of activities like tree decorating or a swing ride followed by a hot chocolate.


Host a gift swap

A gift swap is a great way to exchange gifts with family and friends. Limit the gift amount to $5 or $10 with each person coming with one gift for another. 

The Christmas season is all about having fun, so make sure you give the directive that the gift needs to be funny, practical or anything that creates memories. Gift swaps can be loads of fun and easy on the wallet. Plus, you’ll get something too!


Make your own gifts

If you are a DIY guru or creating something by hand has always been something you wanted to try, then now it’s the perfect time to get your creative mode on.

When it comes to making gifts yourself, there’re no limitations. You can do everything from a cute keychain to fancy gift boxes or DIY bath bombs.

Head over to Pinterest, pick anything you can do well and stick to your budget. There are many cheap DIY ideas like a creative sketch that only requires a pen, paper, and your time. 

Get your glue gun and let’s get crafty!


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Buy in bulk

If DIYing isn’t your jam, buying in bulk can be a good idea if you’re working on a budget as many stores especially online stores offer discounts on bulk purchases. 

With this simple trick, you can save as much as 30% or more from your bulk purchases. Be careful with this type of discount and get the details properly before making your purchase because sometimes they may not be as favorable as they sound.


Do not wait for Christmas season

No doubt, there is a unique atmosphere during the Christmas season. The sparkling lights, crowded streets are all enticing for the eyes, but not always for your pocket. 

Believe it or not, things get expensive during the festive season and gifts and food are not an exception. The simple demand and supply phenomenon also applies here – all stores love rising prices as they know people will buy either way.

Go Christmas shopping before the arrival of the Christmas season. If you want to have an amazing Christmas but on a budget, then you should follow this tip. Shopping in October and November is as great as the Christmas season. Don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Week!


Make a list of the things you need

A well-crafted list can help you save money on Christmas spending as it only allows you to buy what you need. Determine the number of people you’ll buy a gift for and allocate a budget to each. Decide what you wish to buy for each person so that you have a clearer idea of what you can and can’t afford.

I suggest you have 2 to 3 possible options for each person so that you easily know what to turn to in case your first option is not available. Then ensure you take this list along when you go shopping.

Sticking to this list is key – if you start buying things outside the list, you can easily overspend without knowing it, even if whatever you buy is just $1, it can quickly add up!


Final thoughts

It is very possible to have a magical Christmas on a budget if you plan ahead of time. Also, remember that once the frenzy of the festive season is past, you’d have to live with any debt you have incurred, which is not fun at all!

What are some other money-saving Christmas hacks you swear by? Share them in the comments section below!