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How to balance blogging and life + GIVEAWAY


how to balance blogging and life

 This one gets away from me sometimes.  Sometimes life happens and you find yourself struggling for content at 2:30 am with an empty editorial calendar for the week just wanting to go to sleep. Sometimes you’re in the zone and you get on a roll blogging and lookup and realize tomorrow is going to be a long day at work where multiple cups of coffee will be needed.  I’m definitely guilty of both.   

So the question is how do you balance blogging and life?  Has your significant other tried to get your attention while blogging or maybe your friends wanted to go out on your “write night”?  I just made that up but it could exist.  Personally, I’m a night writer but prefer writing on Sundays so I can set myself up for the next two week and get organized on the blog.  If I don’t get to it, I make a list of things I need to blog about for the next week and sponsor posts that are due.  I also have a notes section in my iPhone where I keep notes, thoughts and ideas for blog posts.  

The key here to balance is time management, making blogging a priority, and staying organized.  Find a time or day you write best to sit down and schedule out your blog posts for the week(s) ahead.  Grab a glass of wine and turn on some sweet jams.  It always helps me find my zone.  Eliminate the distractions of your favorite tv show in the background or screaming kids.  Whatever your distraction is take a step back and find your space to enjoy your “me” time blogging.  Weekends are perfect because your sig other is probably lost in football games so take that time to yourself to blog and they won’t even miss you!   

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What do you do to balance blogging and life?