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A little over 2 years ago, I started Verbal Gold Blog. Since then I’ve had the opportunity not only to be apart of this amazing blog community but to build our team globally to 15+ amazing women (our #VGBsquad), work with major brands, travel to amazing places, meet Chrissy freaking Teigen and John Legend, interview Ashley Longshore, and to my surprise… make an income!

Since I recently left my job to pursue full time travel blogging, I’ve be working on this blog of mine non stop! Which means I’ve been writing a lot, learning as much as possible, on boarding new writers, hiring a VA, and traveling more.  I’ve started offering blog and business consulting, working on my pitch templates and tips (coming soon!), offering coaching and one on ones, collaborating on a product I’m super excited to launch, working with more brands, and expanding my social media marketing company, SocialGOLD, plus a few more super secret projects! My plate is so full and I have a lot on my to-do list but I couldn’t be more excited!

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The first 30 days have been crazy and it’s quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. Yes, it’s my passion and I’m so much happier, but I couldn’t’ have made this jump unless I was making an income from my blog. Stability is key. With the help of affiliate networks and influencer marketing agencies I wouldn’t have been able to make the move.

Obviously creating original quality content is a big part of that but being aligned with agencies and networks is so important if you want to monetize your blog! Once you’re comfortable blogging consistently, work on improving your content and image quality then build your tribe and try to grow your audience. You can start signing up with these networks now! Sure some of them want you to have a minimum number of views per month (for example, Clever is 10,000) but not all of them.  Some will give you the chance to earn commission so you can get paid based on your engagement or they’ll offer to pay in free product, so find what works for you. Once you’re an established blogger, I don’t recommend working for free (i.e. product) but when you’re just starting out sometimes it helps to build your confidence working with brands until you get more comfortable.

Getting paid to do what I love is the most amazing feeling.  I feel like it’s more of an accomplishment than my six figure marketing director position.

There are so many influencer networks out there. Find the ones that work best for your blog. Some are vertical or geo specific, some pay more than others, and some have reach requirements so find what aligns best for your brand. I’ve compiled a list of every Influencer Network I know of to make it easy for you to sign up. There are over 150 influencer networks but my favorite are the top 30!

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