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How to Host the Best Adult Game Night


Host the best adult game night

My idea of a perfect night involves good times with good people. I love playing games and having friends over. What better way to make that happen than to host an adult game night?!

Here are a few suggestions for how to host the best adult game night!



  • Get everyone to pitch in

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to host a fun night with your friends. Ask everyone to bring their favorite game and or an appetizer/beverage. This will also help to ensure a variety of games for your guests to choose from!

  • Mix old and new games

If you don’t have any old games lying around try hitting up a yard sale or thrift store a few days before your party. You may discover a game that you’ve forgotten about but loved as a kid. Try adding a mix of adult and throwback games for some added nostalgia.

  • Bring the thrill and mystery of escape rooms home

Who hasn’t thought about going on an adventure with your friends?  To live out an adult adventure with your friends check out Escape Room: The Game! This game is ideal for teens and adults age 16+. Players have 60 minutes to work together, find hidden clues, and solve puzzles to escape from one of the four included rooms. Use your brain, teamwork, your ingenuity, logic and attention to detail to succeed!



I played this with friends and we had a blast. We loved how the game had several different themes to choose from (Prison Break, Nuclear Countdown, Virus, Temple of the Aztec) so you could try escaping from them all! I love suspenseful games and problem solving so Escape Room is a win win!




Check out Escape Room: The Game here for the perfect addition to your adult game night!


  • Have fun!

At the end of the day, hosting a game night should be fun! Don’t worry about everything being perfect, just enjoy spending time with your friends laughing and having a good time.


What’s your favorite game to play for game night?


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