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Exploring Atlanta // Whitewater Creek Trail (dog friendly)

This past weekend was so nice.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for a day outside…finally!  I decided to take the dogs to the river for a play day!  I have a yellow lab and an adopted pit/boxer puppy who love chasing the ball and swimming more than anything.  I live in Atlanta so we went to my secret dog friendly spot by the Chattahoochee River, Whitewater Creek.

Whitewater Creek Trail is my favorite place to take my dogs.  It’s a secret hiding spot for dog owners in the area and a local favorite! There are also a few hiking trails in the area and they have great reviews but my favorite part is the beach and water area! I know you’re saying beach? In Atlanta? Yes, it’s an amazingly flat sandy/rocky area with a small river that opens up into the Chattahoochee River!  It’s the perfect place to let the dogs run around or swim.  It’s secluded enough that the dogs can’t run off anywhere. 

I recommend bringing water shoes or waterproof sandals like my Oka-Bs.  It’s a little rocky down by the water so I made sure to wear my Oka-b’s. Water shoes are just so ugly and give you a bad tan line. I know it’s hard to be stylish and comfortable while protecting your feet but walking bare foot will just hurt.   I wore my Chloe’s in blush but really all the colors are super cute! What’s great is that they’re waterproof and the dirt and sand that accumulated on them was easily wiped off in seconds. The last time I went in water shoes there was dirt and sand and a puddle of water on the floor board of my car when I got out.  It was so gross! Oka-b’s have tons of support as you can see from the picture and even these little grippers around the sides of your feet to keep your feet from sliding. I’m kind of obsessed.


The only negatives about Whitewater Creek are that more and more people are learning of this place so it’s getting to be a little crowded with the already limited parking. If it stormed recently or there was a ton of rain the river is likely going to be high and a lot of the beach will be gone.  Just plan accordingly.

Make sure you prepare and bring a bag with a ball(s), a ball tosser, water bowl to keep your dogs hydrated, water or drinks for yourself, a ton of towels for you and the dogs, sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat, and a lawn chair to sit and rest on.

Can’t wait for next weekend!