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Get Ahead of Holiday Shopping With These Baby Must Haves

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baby products you have to have

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First things first. It’s so important to shop with reliable online retailers because who has the time to get dressed and go out to pick something up with a new baby. Walmart has next day and two-day shipping options with no hassle returns. I’m obsessed. They’ve made mom life a bit easier. Also, during the month of October, Walmart will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Parents Choice, Walmarts exclusive baby brand!

As a new mom, the baby products were overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start or even what to get. Baby items are thrown at you left and right but it’s best to just get what you need. So let me break it down for you. These are my must-have baby essentials to get you through being a new mom.

Baby Tech

For me, and I stress for me (because it’s different for everyone) but the Owlet literally saved me hours of sleep. I was able to rest confidently because I knew the Owlet was watching over my new baby boy. Sense-U is another great product that monitors your baby’s breathing and temperature. The alarms on both of these products are earth-shattering. It will wake you from a dead sleep. Better safe than sorry. The mamaRoo is also a dream. We put Colton in it and he would immediately calm him down. He loved dozing off and napping in it.

These premium baby products also make great gifts!

Baby Stroller

I was so confused by baby strollers at first. I didn’t know there were so many options. Ultimately what works best for me is the travel system because I’m a travel blogger. I also love the modular one from Chicco too! It was comical trying to figure out strollers and car seats. Walmart has some great options. I was really impressed with their selection.

The Chicco 6-in-1 Modular Stroller is great. It’s a European-style stroller that easily transforms from car seat carrier to a carriage, to stroller to accommodate growing children. Baby can ride frontwards or backward in any configuration, providing six unique strolling modes and the option to face mom/dad or explore the world instead. Urban features a folding frame and quick-release wheels for easy travel and storage. The Urban is designed for children up to 50 pounds.

The Bravo Trio Travel System is the key for us. It’s designed for on-the-go convenience because it’s compact, it has a parent tray, easy one-hand fold and standing fold options. It’s the perfect travel system. Chicco also offers a more lightweight option too. 

Baby Clothes

Now to the fun part. Walmart has the cutest baby clothes! I just can’t get enough. I love that they have neutral colors as well. I’ve ordered so many baby clothes from Walmart and they are such high quality.

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