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Fun Ways to Incorporate Green Into Your St. Patrick’s Day Look

                                   Image Credit: Pixabay

For a lot of people, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day means a lot of drinking, but the reality is that you can have plenty of fun just participating in the day’s festivities without alcohol. Whether you are in addiction recovery, are under 21, or just plain don’t drink, just embrace the green!

Blue is the hue officially connected with St. Patrick, the saint who inspired St. Patrick’s Day, but try telling the world that. Green typically dominates the scene of St. Paddy’s Day events, though you might also see hints of gold and yellow mixed into the crowds. In addition to wearing green clothing, many celebrants also find ways to accent their body with colorful cosmetics or body paint.

From beard dying to false-lash wearing, here are four fun ways to incorporate more green into your St. Patrick’s Day look.

Apply Body Glitter

Sparkle like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when you coat your body with a generous amount of green glitter. If you have sensitive skin, apply a light coating of body lotion or oil first to prevent the shiny particles from irritating your skin. Be careful when applying glitter to your eyelids, as it can migrate into your eyes and cause pain or damage. Some cosmetic companies offer dermatologist-approved glitter or sparkling shadow designed specifically for the eye area, so use that instead of craft glitter whenever possible.

Glitter also adds a festive shine to your tresses, especially if you have light locks that easily showcase the vibrant green hue. If you find it difficult to keep loose, green glitter in your hair, mix it with pomade or gel, or use a spray-in glitter made just for hair. You can usually find this spray near a store’s selection of hair dye or styling products.

There’s a potential downfall to using glitter, and that’s the fact that it gets everywhere. Real Simple recommends removing stray glitter from hardwood flooring with a vacuum’s crevice attachment. Use the vacuum’s brush to remove glitter from the carpet after you loosen it with your glove-adorned hand. Lint rollers help remove shimmering particles from sofas and recliners.

Dye Your Hair Green

Share your dedication to this Irish-themed holiday with a green ‘do. Good Housekeeping suggests using temporary hair color rather than a permanent hue when you brighten your locks for seasonal festivities. You can do this with hair chalk, spray-in hair color, or hair mascara. Green hair extensions are another option, but they may require the skilled application of a professional stylist.

Temporary spray-in hair color works best for the hair on your scalp, as you may accidentally spray it into your nose, mouth, or eyes if you attempt to color your beard or mustache. Try hair chalk on facial hair. Hair mascara is ideal for eyebrows, and you can also fill them in with green eyeliner or lip liner.

Still unintentionally rocking green locks after St. Patrick’s Day? Remove the temporary color with dish soap by washing your hair with it daily until the color disappears. Dish soap can be harsh on hair, so don’t forget to use plenty of conditioner.

Experiment With Green Cosmetics

Skip the traditional pink and brown hues, and liven up your look with bold green cosmetics this St. Patrick’s Day. Lips get a pop of color from green gloss or lipstick, while faux green lashes let the world know you’re ready to party. If you can’t find green lip products, mix green eyeshadow with lip balm or petroleum jelly and apply it to your mouth. You can also create a blush for your cheeks using this method.

Don’t neglect your fingers and toes during your cosmetic routine. Apply green polish during your manicure and pedicure, and accessorize with festive decals if you can find them. Shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns are a few decal options to consider.

Whether you’re scared you’ll get pinched if you don’t wear plenty of green or you just want to make it obvious that you’re a fan of St. Patrick’s Day, the tips above are perfect for you.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, and stay safe!