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Christmas: A Night of Lights and The Blow Up Man

Christmas Date Nights are so much fun!  Lights and hot chocolate are my fav!  I’m in LOVE with the coco!!!  (hot cocoa with marshmallows please and thank you)

We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  IF you’ve never been you get to grab a drink and wonder around outside looking at all the lights!  There’s a train “station”, indoor lights with a poinsettia tree, a smores area with fire pits and so many different areas to wonder around!  Even a bar!

After that we stopped at Gary Gorkin’s house.. aka The Blow Up Man!  

He literally has A ZILLION inflatable christmas ornaments in his yard.  They are everywhere… lining his driveway, on top of his doors, coming out of his windows… EV…ER…Y…WHERE!  

As the bf and I walked up his driveway admiring the cluster of Christmas I noticed a man who looked like he was working in the yard.  I asked him if this was his house and he said yes.  He introduced himself as Gary Gorkin.  So I went ahead and asked him a few questions on how all this came about.

He said it all started with one and every year he’d get a couple more.  They are quite expensive and he is looking for sponsors!  Lowe’s if you’re out there…. 

I asked him how he organizes it all and if there was a method to his madness…. he said nope!  No method.. he just puts them where they fit and it takes about two weeks.  And believe it or not each unit goes into the same power source.  There are literally surge strips on surge strips on surge strips!  I asked him how much his power bill is and he said that it’s so much he gets chocolate every January for keeping them in business and because of him they make their year end bonuses!  hah  That’s a LOT of power!  I can’t even imagine!

I wonder what his neighbors think… they did not have ANY lights up.  I mean how can you even compete! 

He even has a donation stand at the end of his driveway since he gets so much attention and so many visitors.  This year he was donating to the Genesis Shelter (helping homeless infants)!  You can check them out HERE!



Christmas Date Nights are so much fun!  Lights and hot chocolate are my fav!  I'm in LOVE with the coco! And spending time with my guy!
Obligatory cheesy boyfriend Christmas picture coming at ya in 3…2….1…. #sorryboyfriend
Christmas Date Nights are so much fun!  Lights and hot chocolate are my fav!  I'm in LOVE with the coco! And spending time with my guy!
You’re about to enter Santa’s Happy Place!  Christmas spirit for sure!  To all my neighbors you got much flavor!  We are standing in a yard with over 100 Christmas inflatables!!
Gary Gorkin with his favorite spinning inflatable















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