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Five Awesome Experiences to Enjoy in Stunning Vienna

If you are looking for a city break, you really should put Vienna on the list. It is a truly magical place. Vienna is a beautiful city that has a unique charm.

There is plenty to do and see during your stay. Here is just a taste of the special experiences Vienna has in store for you.

Enjoy an enchanting opera performance

The Viennese love all forms of music, but they have a special place in their hearts for opera. Vienna is home to three major opera houses and several smaller venues.

Vienna State Opera Tickets can easily be bought online. But, they sell out fast. So, it is best to buy your tickets when you book your holiday. If the opera being performed there at the time of your visit does not appeal, try the Vienna Volksoper instead. Or, if you prefer a shorter performance, book yourself a concert dinner.

Experience Vienna’s coffeehouse culture

Viennese coffeehouses are world renowned and with good reason. Walking into one of these delightful spaces is like stepping back in time. The service is exceptional, the coffee wonderful and the atmosphere charming. Very calm, so much so that time seems to slow down and you leave feeling totally relaxed.

Café Frauenhuber is the oldest coffeehouse in Vienna. Its decor is an eclectic mix of Persian carpets, lace and plush red velvet filled with glass fronted display cabinets. It is a nice place, which is well worth taking a detour to visit. If you cannot get in, do not worry, because there are plenty of other coffeehouses in Vienna, which are nearly as old.

Put aside a full day to visit the Schönbrunn Palace

The 1441 room Schönbrunn Palace is a remarkable place that is well worth seeing. But, make sure you do not spend too long touring the palace. The Schönbrunn hasso much more to offer. The gardens are stunning and the zoo is remarkable. A lot of people also like the carriage museum.

Experience Vienna’s surprisingly vibrant nightlife scene

At first glance, Vienna seems like a quiet city that is somehow stuck in the past. But, that is definitely not the case. You begin to realize that as you tour the city and notice the way they have blended the modern and the quirky with the old and traditional. When you visit Vienna’s museums and art galleries you begin to understand how forward-lookingthe city is. The people of Vienna understand how to blend the old with the new to create interesting and truly unique experiences.

But, it is most noticeable when you go for a night out and visit some of the city’s many nightclubs. They are far from old-fashioned. If you like partying in chic, cool and cutting-edgeclubs and bars, Vienna is the place for you.

Albertina Passage is sleek and chic, Volksgarten is crowded and vibrant, or you could go to the Sass Music Club to enjoy electro music in a classy setting. There are also some sleek bars, where you can enjoy a quiet drink and excellent cocktails.

Fill your case with unique clothes

If you like shopping, but want something a bit different, you can find it in Vienna. Head towards Neubaugasse and Siebensterngasse. There you will find plenty of boutique shops selling great looking fashion.

So, there you have it, 5 interesting ways to make your visit to Vienna memorable.