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Photos To Inspire You To Take a Day Trip To Ranguana Caye, a Private Island in Placencia, Belize

Wondering what to do in Placencia, Belize? One of the best day trips and things to do in Placencia, Belize is visiting Ranguana Caye, a private paradise island that needs to be in your Belize holiday itinerary! #Belize

Definitely a little escape to paradise. The water is crystal clear and there are tons of fish that swim all around you! I probably spotted 20 starfish too, even little baby ones. There’s a bar close by, shaded areas to layout, lunch is served, and tons of free activities free to enjoy. You can also layout and sunbathe and get an amazing tan. It is one of the farthest islands out so be prepared for a 30-45 min boat ride depending on conditions. Try to sit in the back for a smoother ride. Definitely a fun day! If you’re staying in Belize, I would highly recommend taking a day trip to Ranguana Cay. Oh! Make sure to try to ski shots!!

Ranguana Caye, one of the farthest islands out so be prepared for a 30-45 min boat ride depending on conditions  #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Sit in the back for a smoother ride going to Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Take a day trip to Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

30-45 minute boat ride to Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Crystal clear water of Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Sunbathe and get an amazing tan in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Beautiful view in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Perfect place to sunbathe in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Meet new furry friends in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Palm Tree leaning over the beachside of Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

A bar close by the beachfront #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Beautiful Post with Places to Visit #RanguanaCaye #Belize

 Tons of free activities to enjoy in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Beautiful shell washed ashore in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Turquoise water surrounding the beautiful island of Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

By the seashore in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Breathtaking view of the horizon in Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

Smooth Boat Ride going to Ranguana Caye #RanguanaCaye #Belize

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