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First Date Tips and Tricks For All You Ladies

We’ve gotten past step one, he asked you out or you asked him and you’ve agreed on a date and time. What now?! What do you wear, how do you accessorize, how do you do your hair and makeup, what do you talk about? Deep breath, I got your back. Let’s take it from the top:

Don’t alter your appearance too much

We all like to get dolled up for our dates, but try and not overdo it. You want him to see you, maybe a bit enhanced. Go easy on the makeup, you don’t need to put on the heaviest foundation you’ve got, and you most certainly don’t need to schedule an appointment with a professional makeup artist! Make sure your hair is clean and brushed, but apart from that, you can do whatever you’d like. Try and show who you are, and follow your own style!

“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

what to wear on a first date

Okay, the floor of your bedroom is covered in dresses and blouses and you’re sitting in the middle of it in your underwear. It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Nobody can tell you exactly what to wear, but here are a few guidelines you should stick to:

  • Don’t stray from your own style – Nobody says that you have to wear a dress if jeans and a plaid shirt are your thing!
  • Keep a little mystery – Don’t put everything out there. If you’re going with something tight, make sure it covers you up; and if you’re going with something short, or with deep cleavage, try and make it a looser fit.
  • Clean, ironed, comfortable and whole – These are quite self-explanatory. You should be following these every day, not just for date night!


nervous before the date

So is he! No matter how confident they look, everybody gets butterflies in their stomach when they’re about to go on a first date. No matter whether it’s because you feel you are inexperienced, or because you are just coming back into the dating scene after a long time, being nervous is totally normal and nothing that you should get even more nervous about! Be confident and let your beauty shine through. He’ll be nervous too, and maybe coming out and saying it out loud can be a good ice breaker! If you were wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you right away, there’s your answer – be confident and honest.

Nothing to talk about?

Not true! It’s your first date – you have the world to discover about each other. Find out about their interests, hobbies, whether they like blue cheese or not and do they have any siblings! Ask and tell and let the conversation naturally flow. Stuck? Awkward silences are the worst, but they don’t have to kill the mood! Make sure that if there is ever an awkward silence, you don’t start staring at your phone, or around the room. Start talking about the best topic ever – food! It is literally endless!

coffee date

Red and green flags

During your date, make sure you remember his opinions and standpoints on things that are important to you, whether that be family, career or sports. Make sure you don’t start and argument about the first thing you disagree on, and don’t give up on him after the first less than perfect answer. Give him at least one chance to correct himself!

Lastly, remember that it’s just a couple hours, and while you both will make an impression, you shouldn’t judge someone just based on that! If it was a complete disaster, you’ll simply never see him again, but if there is a spark, you will want to remember that night forever.