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8 Hidden Ways a Spray Tan Can Give You a Total Body Transformation!

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the horror stories of oompa loompa spray tanning sessions. BUT, with the right spray tan artist, spray tanning can actually give you the perfect full body makeover, just in time for bikini season!!! Here’s how:

1. Ignites Inner Confidence

“Who’s that girl?!” Confidence is the ultimate secret sauce to beauty perfection. A survey by Imedeen (an anti-aging beauty supplement company) found that 57 percent of women think having glowing, luminous skin makes them look more ‘attractive’ and ‘confident.’

The beauty supplement polled 1,000 women aged from 25 to 60 and found that golden skin is the most important part of their summer look. Spray tans provide the safest alternative to the harmful sun exposure!

2. Slims and Tones Fat, Without a Gym Membership!

An extra shade of bronze can transform your bod from flab to fab! Ditch the gym, get a spray tan! All eyes can be on you this summer!  Using contouring methods, a spray tan artist from @MistBoutiqueTan will draw attention to existing muscle tone – giving you a slimmer, sexier look around the hips, derriere and abs! Spray tanning is useful for men too, especially if they want to define their abdominal muscles and create the illusion of a longer and leaner physique by contouring around the pectorals.

3. Hides Skin Imperfections

Did you know that a spray tan can help disguise small scars, even the ones from your childhood? It’s also proven that a spray tan can diminish dimples, cellulite, varicose veins, while smoothing out skin pigmentation as well as dark spots from previous sun damage.

4. Hydrates & Heals

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s so important that we take good care of it. Our favorite Atlanta spray tanning company, Mist Boutique Tan, uses all organic solutions that nourish, moisturize and protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and smooth. In addition, gentle exfoliation before your tan can make your tan last longer, too!

5. Covers Blemishes

 A perfect complexion is possible with a spray tan! It covers acne or uneven skin complexions on the face, leaving your skin extra radiant and golden.

6. Keeps Your Skin Shining, not Whining!

Whining from the agonizing pain of a sunburn is no fun! Harmful UVA and UVB rays from tanning beds and the sun can be a severe threat to your health, causing premature aging and deathly skin cancer.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, spray tanning is the healthiest and safest way to tan. With a spray tan, your skin will SHINE, effortlessly!

7. Wear Less Makeup

With a spray tan, you can steer clear from heavy concealers and foundation. Plus, as a bold bronze babe, your eyes will POP and your teeth will appear whiter! All you’ll need is a little blush, lipstick, and mascara. It’s the best feeling when you can literally “Wake up like this” with a healthy golden glow, which leads to our final benefit:

8. Increase Happiness Levels

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a spray tan! And that’s sort of the same thing! Expect an overflow of happy vibes with instant results of healthier looking skin, combined with a major confidence boost, and perfect skin that you won’t even need filters for your Instagram stories!  

Book your appointment with Mist Boutique Tan and you can look like you went to the Maldives and back in 15 minutes or less!!! Heck yeah!  

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*This post was sponsored and written by Victoria from Mist Boutique Tan because she’s one of the lovely ladies in our VGBsquad!  She owns Mist Boutique and we love to show our own boss babes love!