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Wedding Planning Made Easy Thanks To Menguin



Did you guys hear I’m engaged? I haven’t done too much [read: anything, nada, zip, zilch] on the wedding planning front because I’m not a big believer of spending tons of money on a huge wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be all about it, but seeing as I’m 30 and I already own my own home filled with my own stuff, I don’t think it’s for me.  Plus, I’m tuckered out on weddings.  I’d rather travel and that’s why I’m leaning towards doing something special but keeping it easy. I really want to rent a castle in the South of France for the weekend, have a private ceremony, and get married there.  I promise it’s not as much money as you think it is;  It’s actually quite inexpensive.  Then from there we can honeymoon in Paris or beebop (see I am old) around Europe.

Finding a wedding dress is a different story but I found this amazing company that makes renting a tux a snap.  It’s called Menguin and it’s a tux in a box delivered to your door!  You just mail it back when you’re done and voila. Easy peasy.  The process couldn’t be simpler. Why do the grooms always have it so easy!

Can we all just agree that dealing with suit/tux drama two days before a wedding is a bad idea? Inevitably something will be too short, too snug, or just look sloppy and since traditional suit/tuxedo vendors typically allow for pickup only 48 hours before the big event, there isn’t a lot of time for a plan B.

Menguin is “the new way to rent a tux”. With the largest inventory in the US, 6 national distribution centers and 24-7 customer service, Menguin is the best online tuxedo solution, hands-down.


If you want to get Married with Menguin just follow these 4 easy steps.

1.Build your Tux look online:

I was really impressed with their selection and my fiancé got super into choosing his “look”.  They have super clever names associated with them also so that made it a little tricky.  My favorite was The Monte Carlo.  Not only that but you can customize literally everything!  Customize your neckwear, shirt, vest or cummerbund, suspenders, pocket square, socks, shoes etc.  You can even leave things out if you already have an item since everything is a la carte.  It’s simple to get multiple looks also.  Just invite your wedding party to rent via email.  They click a link, enter their measurements, and pay.  The good thing is you can relax stress free because they’re not able to alter their looks! Boom!

2. Get fitted:

Either go to a  tailor or use the process online.  They are both super simple and Menguin double checks your sizes to make sure you didn’t enter anything wrong.

3. Your Tux ships straight to your door:

Which is great because you can try it on at home.  My favorite part. Menguin ships out 10-12 days before your event and will expedite any changes you need if the fit isn’t quite right.

4. Wear it and Return it:

Literally this part is so easy.  Throw it in the box (dirty!), slap on the pre-paid shipping label, and send it back. Done and done.

We did a test run to check it out and both my fiancé and I were very impressed.  The fit was great and he had everything he needed in 1 box.  When we have our ceremony I’m definitely opting for Menguin because they take the hassle and stress out of tuxedo fitting and renting.


menguin tux rental menguin tux rental

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This post was sponsored by Menguin but all opinions are my own.