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Exploring Atlanta: A Comedic Hotspot // Marlon Wayans at Improv Atlanta


Marlon Wayans of the Wayans Bros Show, White Chicks, & Scary Movie is at Improv Atlanta this weekend 5/7-5/9!


Stand up comedy, great food, drinks, merch, autographs, and a meet and greet.  I mean… does it get any better? 

Marlon was hilarious.  And from my experience, little tip for y’all… go on a Thursday!  Friday and Sat have two shows back to back but Thursday only has one so typically (aka every time I’ve ever been) the comedians stay on stage longer just improving and will even meet you to sign autographs and pose for pictures!  It’s my FAVORITE night to go!  



Improv Atlanta is such an amazing place for stand up comedians and they have a great upcoming line up!  I can’t wait to go see more comedians.  They have headliners roll through on the daily and their improv nights are just as hilarious!  I’m on a little bit of a comedy kick lately because let’s face it… who doesn’t like to laugh and meet amazing comedians!





Plus it’s located in East Andrews (which includes over 5 bars/restaurants) and at the show you can order food from ANY of them… yes ANY of them!  Sushi is my go to!  Hellooooo Mango Roll!







Make sure to sign up for their newsletter because they send you free tickets and specials all the time.  I got to see Ron White …. THE Ron White for $7!  And guess what… front row!  I felt like he was looking through my soul.  I was so close I could smell his whiskey!









I’ve been about 10000000 6 times so far and have had a great time every time.  It’s a real intimate setting so you really feel like you’re part of the show.  You can usually meet the comedians afterwards too.  I typically order a bottle of wine and I’m set!  Perfect night if you ask me!




I went to see Carlos Mencia last time and had a blast!  Laughing for 4 hours straight … I couldn’t have asked for more!  He stayed after to take pictures, meet, and sign autographs for ANYONE that wanted to stay!  He was seriously amazing.  Mad respect for this dude!






This is when Carlos and his opening act, Francisco Duran, were goofing around telling jokes after his show!  So great!








Here is there line up for who’s on deck.  Make sure to check out Improv Atlanta if you want to see their full calendar!  





47% off discounted tickets HERE for a limited time! So what are you waiting for!!!





xoxo Ady