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A Life Changing Adventure You Must Try in Maui

A Life Changing Adventure You Must Try In Maui

I’ve been saving my first helicopter experience for somewhere amazing!  We picked Maui… obviously, and it was incredible.  I definitely recommend securing a ride with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter.  You can take a helicopter tour of any Hawaiian island with Blue Hawaiian.  They’ve been in business for over 25 years and really know their stuff!  I was extremely impressed because they have over 43,000 reviews online and a 5 star rating!  That’s seriously incredible!  I don’t know about you but that made me feel very safe, since I was a tad bit nervous this being my first helicopter flight and all.  Plus they have some unique differentiators I recommend checking out!

Check out these amazing views from the helicopter!

Why fly with Blue Hawaiian:

1 – 60 sq. feet of panoramic glass for maximum visibility
2 – 4-camera digital DVD system—cockpit camera puts you in the in-flight video
3 – Two-way communication between you and your pilot, plus Bose® aviation-grade noise-canceling headsets
4 – First-class seats, 23% more cabin area—you’ll love the extra personal space and shoulder room
5 – The most advanced 21st century helicopter technology—ultra quiet, smooth, and fuel efficient
6 – Your safety is Blue Hawaiian’s top priority. More powerful aircrafts which enable them to carry all the latest equipment, including emergency pop-out floats. Every helicopter in Hawaii should have them; make sure yours does.

blue hawaiian helicopter tour

Blue Hawaiian has several tour options from 30 min to 2 hours that take you all around the island and provide amazing views! We did the Maui Spectacular which was a 1.5 hour ride with a 20 min stopover on the top of  the slopes of Haleakala where you drink champagne and take in the incredible views.  With the Maui Spectacular you get a detailed tour of the entire island of Maui.  It begins with a flight exploration of the most magnificent West Maui valleys, rainforest, and waterfalls.  A big bonus was the stopover where we landed at a scenic and exclusive remote landing site at Ulupalakua Ranch, on the slopes of Haleakala. The flight then continues for a 45-minute exploration of East Maui, including Hana & Haleakala.  The best part was that the helicopter pilot was so knowledgable about the island and was the best narrated tour guide.  He was able to explain what we were flying over and gave us a bit of history about each part.

blue Hawaiian helicopter ride

I loved being able to see all the island has to offer in one quick trip.  If the Road to Hana isn’t for you, a helicopter ride is a must.  You’re able to see literally everything on the island.  The black sand beaches, the spectacular waterfalls, how the climate changes affect the landscape and so much more!  The rainbows feel like they follow you everywhere.  I really enjoyed flying over them! Cue the song, somewhere over the rainbow….


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Fly with us!! Click the video below to hop in the helicopter and see what we saw!

One of my friends and sorority sisters was actually on The Big Island while we were on Maui and also took a Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour.  She said it was one of her favorites because they toured areas where there was volcanic activity and were able to see lava flows!  I can’t wait to try that one next!  Have you ever been in a helicopter or to Maui? It’s definitely an experience!

blue Hawaiian helicopter ride

You can find more about Blue Hawaiian on their site here!