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DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Thinking of doing something self made when it comes to Christmas cards this season? We've put together a list of the coolest DIY Christmas card ideas to impress your loved ones!


One of the highlights of Christmas is sending and receiving greeting cards from family and friends. I don’t know about you guys, but I love making my own Christmas cards rather than buying them and sending something generic.

Sending out a DIYC Christmas card to your friends and family is a great way to show you care. You’ll find amazing selections of ready-made cards in the stores, but a handmade Christmas card is something that screams “hey, I care a ton of about you!”.

If you’re thinking of making your own Christmas cards this year, we’ve put together some amazing DIY Christmas card ideas that are perfect to spread the joy this holiday season. Grab a glass of wine, get your glue gun,  and note down these ideas!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas


Glitter cards

Making a glittery card yourself is not just a thoughtful way to tell your loved ones you care, it’s also a super fun activity!

Pick clipart that goes with your friend’s personality and make a template out of it (scenery and landscapes are my favs, but a Chrismas tree or a few ornaments are great for the occasion). Then, put glue over key parts of the image and sprinkle the hell out of it with glitter.

Use the blank side of the card to write a thoughtful Christmas message and voila!


Button cards

Why send an expensive Christmas card when you can create something fun and super colorful? Cards made out of buttons are super fun to put together and look gorgeous once finished – you don’t need an art degree to make these, but lots of creativity is required, so get crafty!

Here are a few tips to make button Christmas cards: try stitching the buttons instead of gluing them (if you have time, that is!), make a sketch with a pencil before adding buttons, and if you do decide to glue the buttons in, leave the card drying overnight to make sure they stick.


Cookie-cutter cards

Did you know cookie-cutter cards are a thing? Not only are these super original, they’re also useful!

Cookie cutters serve as stencils for making cards and even gift tags. To make this card, take a piece of card stock or scrapbook paper, then fold it in half, trace around the cookie cutter and cut the design out. 

You can reduce the size by tracing around the cookie cutter on a white paper and reduce the outline size on a copier. Then, decorate the cut out any way you like.


Embossing holiday cards

Take your greeting card to another level by using the embossing technique. The technique here is simple – using stationary to create a 3-dimensional image on the card. You can use any embossing color (preferably bright colors) to create a visually appealing card or even get creative and add metallic foil stamps to give the card a unique feel.


Snowman cards

Nothing screams Christmas more than a snowman, so of course, we had to include a snowman card in the list.

Here’s how it’s done: print out an image of a snowman (or draw one yourself if you have the time), place it on a card stock paper and cut it out. Stick the snowman onto a card and make a pretty background around it – you can use paint, glitter, or even magazine cut-outs for this!


Photo holiday cards

This type of card is a decorative and fun way to share photos with your friends and families.  All you need to make this happen is a nice camera, clip art, and a printer. 

You can invite a friend over to help you snap a photo or you can use the photos you already have to make this card (don’t be afraid to include a few embarrassing high school pictures in there!). Glue the photos on the card and decorate it any way you want (we love using glitter or buttons to add that extra touch). Get creative here!


Paint chip Christmas cards

This design is very easy to create, and you’ll only need some star stickers and paint chips of any color. To make this card, cut the paint chips in Christmas tree shapes (you can cut them in any size you want), then glue them on a plain card before decorating them with stars. The coloring here is key; your color combination is what brings out the beauty in this type of card. Even better yet, you can personalize them to match every person’s favorite color to make them even more thoughtful.


3-dimensional tree cards

Making a card with three dimensions is not as difficult as it sounds.

To make this card, you’ll need three separate Christmas cards with the same design, a craft knife, an envelope, scissors, and double-sided foam pads. 

Choose the part of the card that you’d like to add dimensions to, then pick another card as the base. Use the last card to cut out the image. The next step is to glue the cut images over the actual images on the base card and then cut the smaller images from the card and affix the image to the card with the sticky foam pads. Lastly, put the card in an envelope.


Final thoughts

Whatever card you go for, the reward will be worth it. Not only will your friends and family appreciate the time you put into creating them, but it can also be a great way to spend a day with yourself and get into the festive mood (plus, making things is incredibly therapeutic!

Remember to be creative and go with whatever feels right – these ideas arent’ guidelines, just suggestions. If your artsy side kicks in and tells you to try something, go for it!


Have you ever made a Christmas card? What are some other fun DIY Christmas card ideas?