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6 Tips To Help You Host An Epic Pool Party This Summer

pool party this summer

Summer is almost over so make sure to end on a bang and throw an epic pool party! The best way to end summer is with your closest friends enjoying music, ice cold beverages, and hanging out by the pool! Grab the squad, set a date, and start planning! We put together our top tips to help you throw an amazing party with all the essentials and some fun accessories. So grab your bestie and get ready to start planning the best pool party of the summer!

6 tips to help you throw the best pool party this summer

Dr Pepper photoshoot pool party summer travel blogger

Create a fun theme

Pick a color or all the colors to decorate and set the scene for your pool party! Rainbow colors are so in right now so go wild! Don’t hold back. I loved seeing Studio DIY’s colorful pool party. They went crazy and it looked so fun! If rainbow is too much for you, choose something that represents summer to you! Watermelon, flamingos, sea shells, mermaids, palm trees or palm leaves are all in right now! Get creative! You could even throw a margarita and taco pool party with floats to match! lol

Get the party going

Make sure to set up and test your speakers before hand and have your playlist ready to go! Music is a must! Blue tooth, wireless, waterproof, and loud! Try this speaker that’s $70 off right now. Throw on a chill playlist from Spotify and you’re set. Might want to bring a back up phone charger or battery pack just in case. Check out our summer playlists on Spotify here (and follow us while you’re there – wink wink)!

Food and drinks

If you’re hosting a party, having food and drinks available is a necessity. BYOB is okay too but even still you should have something out for your friends. I recommend setting up a cute bar, having some drinks out (alcoholic and non alcoholic) with matching napkins and disposable cups, and of course some fruit and snacks for people to munch on. A cooler is also nice to keep your drinks cold! You can use cooler bags, inflatable ones, buckets, or something extra fancy that has a blender attachment, like the Coolest Cooler. Your choice.


What to wear

Dope swimsuits are a must! One pieces are my new favorite and as my friends say, I love things with words on them so the ‘Dope‘ and ‘Squad‘ one pieces are right up my alley. There are so many to choose from though and in so many colors! Grab a flower crown, a headband, or a bandana too! Just something to keep your hair from getting frizzy when it dries and to keep it out your eyes when your hair is wet.  I also pack a little bit of conditioner to keep my hair from getting dry in the sun.

Always, always, always have a pair of sunglasses for all your summer activities, especially a pool party. Our sunnies are from Diff Eyewear. I like them because for every pair of sunglasses sold, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. Use code VERBALGOLD to get 25% off!

Floppy hats or a ball cap is a must to get some extra shade! For the pool they need to be thin and lightweight. Nude and tan colors work best to keep the heat away. My favorite hats are the ones with sassy phrases on them like beach please, privacy please, do not disturb, always on vacay.

Rep your city in a super cute aviate airport code abbreviation hat. ATL for life! It’s not only cute, but it is very important to keep the sun off your face. Especially if you want to keep looking young in your later years in life.

Pool Accessories

Pool floats are a must! This is where you can go ham! Floats can get expensive so check Walmart first. They have some great options for unicorn floats, beach balls, rainbows, and ice-cream! But I’ll always love my pink flamingo float. Don’t forget floats for your drink too! Like these unicorn, these fruit ones, or these bling rings!

Make sure you have an electric pool float pump to making blowing up all those floats way faster. Nobody needs a passed out friend or a big headache.


Beach balls and balloons are always fun too! It’s always nice to have something fun to play with in the pool. Try this one or a pack. You can even get emoji baby beach balls. The more beach balls the better!

If you’re really going for a fun Instagram photo then blow up those balloons baby and throw them in the pool. Bonus, you can fill up any extra ones with water and throw them at everyone. Talk about a cute boomerang! Grab the ones from Walmart in the party section for .97 cents. Pick colors that POP!


For the guests

Extra towels are great to have on hand because someone always ends up forgetting theirs. I get mine from PB Teen because that’s how I roll!  The black and white stripe towels are my favorite. You can find similar ones here. Round beach towels are always great too! It’s also nice to have suntan lotion or sunscreen out for your guests. We love white girl sunscreen and protecting our skin!


Dr Pepper photoshoot pool party summer travel blogger

Struggling to find a pool or some body of water to host your party? Don’t worry! If you can’t make it work, go old school with some sprinklers, slip n slide, or inflatable pool (bigger version here). There are some really cool versions of sprinkles out there too. Way better from the ones back when I was growing up as a kid.


All photos by Jennifer Oetting Photography 


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