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Burn-Proof Your Skin for Summer in 2 Easy Steps

Consider this 2 step method your no fail defense against sunburn… and the nasty sun spots, skin damage, cancer, and wrinkles that come with it!  


If you read this you know that we impulse vacation… a lot!  And as I approach my dirty 30 (that’s code for 30th Birthday) I’m starting to take my own advice… and the nagging loving advice I heard from my mother growing up.  And that’s to, “Cover up that pretty face young lady or you’ll look like leather when you get old!”  Seriously, exact words.  You’re. Welcome. 

So I’ve put together a little cheat sheet for all you #GoldieFoxes!  Especially if you’re an “outdoorsy person”!


Rule 1.  SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF (did I mention SPF?)  Ok good.  Just checking.  SPF 30 or higher!!!  Key zones: Forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, chin, and neck.  Let’s just summarize and say PUT THIS SHIT ALL OVER YOUR FACE… EVERYDAY!  Including your hair line and part!  These areas are always overlooked and are high skin-cancer prone areas.  (tip: you can do this with an angled brush) Now-a-days there are tons of moisturizers with SPF in them.  Grab one of those.  Kiehl’s and L’Oreal come to mind.  


Approach the sun like this…. 




Not this…..




Rule 2.  Top with a water resistant mineral SPF powder.  Key word…. water… resistant!  Boom.  Perfect for summer!  Color-science unforgettable SPF 30 // ELF // bareMinerals I mean with so many options you should be good to go here!  


If you’re out by the pool, lake, or ocean this summer which I expect all of you to be doing… remember to reapply every 3 hours and wear a hat!! Your birth control has hormonal changing shit in it that will cause Melasma.  It’s caused by hormones and most common in women, especially pregnant women.  And trust me… you don’t want this!  It changes your skin for good and it will never go back.  No matter how many V Beam or Fraxel laser treatments you get.  Trust me!  It SUCKS!  


SPF = $15 VBeam and Fraxel = $1500  You decide.


My advice… 





Now that I’ve shared how to be beautimous forever #girlcode come share your tips with us here!