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Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

Love Kardashian Eyelashes?  Now you can have them too!  I just got back from an amazing Birthday weekend at the beach and running mascara is THE WORST.  The only and best way to solve that are eyelash extensions. Waterproof mascara is so pshaw. EE are money!
Eyelash extensions are the best way to WAKE UP IN MAKE UP! You literally just roll out of the bed and have perfect eyelashes!

To fill y’all in on the back story… First… I have GREAT lashes.  I love them.  They are amazing.  And this friend of mine got me “eyelash extensions” for my Birthday and it was about to expire so I decided to give it a try.  I mean me being a Southerner and all it’d be rude not to use a Birthday present and say thanks… so I did!  
Now bless her heart she’s not from here and I know she meant well but I ended up in a room (not in a salon/spa) and was a little sketched out.  So I let her explain the process and it seemed like normal lashes (the strip kind but a cluster version) and she explained how they would just stay on longer.  That sounded fine so I let her… (my first mistake).  The glue she was using smelled really strong…and I didn’t speak up (my second mistake).
SO I left there and about an hour later my eyes were extremely irritated.  I was miserable.  I said eff it and immediately started trying Every. Removal. Procedure. I knew and when those didn’t work I went straight to google.  I even called my eyelash lady back but she didn’t answer her phone or call me back so I was desperate.  Eventually after hours and hours and even days of oil, steam, oil, steam, professional remover I got a few to come off but I pulled them a little too hard and out came 5 of my very own lovely eyelashes and I FREAKED!  I mean hello bald kitty.  No thanks.  So I called every eyelash extension spa I could find and asked for an apt ASAP!  S.O.S.  
I had to wait another day but when I finally got in there Anastasia couldn’t believe what was done.  It’s a miracle she was able to save my lashes but literally said it looked like eyelash super glue… and even to my skin.  So bad.  I’m so thankful I found her to help!  She then explained what REAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS were and the difference.  Which I think everyone should know!!!  
So y’all don’t end up in the same situation I did, I’ve decided to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned.  But first I’ll show you my before and after when Anastasia saved the day!

Notice the bald kitty spots on the top pic in the inner corners of my eye. I don’t even know how she made this work but it did.  I was so happy!!!
A few facts about eyelash extensions: Always make sure to go to a professional
1. The industry term “eyelash extensions” applies to single synthetic lashes only. Groups of synthetic lashes are called flares, clusters or tabs. They are heavier than eyelash extensions and not recommended for frequent use or long lengths of time. (I got clusters glued on DO NOT DO THIS. I recommend the individual eyelash extensions that are done lash by lash)
2. Eyelash extensions are not “one size fits all”. Everyone’s lashes are different and eyelash extensions should be customized to each individual for the correct length and thickness to suit their look and ensure the health of their natural lashes. Not everyone can or should get super long or super thick eyelash extensions!
3. A full set of eyelash extensions is not all one length. The shape of your lash line tapers – it’s longer in the center and shorter on the outsides and your extensions should be too. Following the design of the natural lashes creates natural-looking extensions!
Here is another before and after example:


Underneath the eye is a “protection” but it’s not sticky at all.  It doesn’t peel off like tape and hurt the skin.  It’s super smooth and some even have collagen enhancers in them! 


So after you decide to get eyelash extensions how do you take care of them?
How to take care of eyelash extensions:
– Do not wash eyes, swim, shower for 24 hours to allow adequate bonding time for the lashes
– Be gentle with your lashes
– Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
– Avoid oil based cosmetic products around the eye. This will dissolve the adhesive
– Do not use oil based mascara, if you must, use mascara especially designed for your lashes (plain and simple, don’t put on mascara… it only weighs down the lashes.. and trust me, you won’t need it) Plus it makes them crunchy and yucky.
– Use only water-based facial cleansers 
– Remember to be gentle with your lashes while removing eye make up
– Do not visit saunas or steam rooms frequently. Routine exposure to heat may cause the bond to loosen.
Just remember, they will fall out… one by one.. don’t freak out (your natural eyelashes fall out too) Good news is you can get refills! (and they are a lot cheaper) but NO MATTER WHAT, do not attempt to take them off yourself!!!! Eyelash removal is typically free and you don’t want to risk pulling out your own lashes!





Typical services are from $170-$350 but refills are $55-$75.  My lashes stayed for 3-4 weeks and were amazing!  They usually recommend refill’s every 2-4 weeks but if you follow the tips above they will stay the full 4 weeks!   


Let me know what y’all think or if you guys have any questions.  And if you have any tips and tricks of your own feel free to share or tag us on insta @VerbalGoldBlog