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How to get perfect eyebrows #browsonfleek The truth behind Microblading + my before and afters

Thanks to microblading and Brows By Milly I finally have perfect brows!  

You guys know we’re are all about finding the new ways to stay beautimous and improve appearances around here but I think this one takes the cake.  Y’all… I need to brag here a little bit because my brow game is strong!  You know the whole #browsonfleek thing?  Yeah, that wasn’t me.  I was unfortunately a victim of a nail salon brow waxing in 8th grade which always burned my skin and caused my brows to never grow back. You know back in the 90s when the sperm brow, the nike check, the semi colon, and my personal favorite the rainbow brow were popular? This is why I don’t follow trends now. Luckily microblading exists and in 45 minutes you can fix those bad brows for a year at a time!



I have been stuck with rainbow thin brows (think McDonalds arches) forrr evvveeerrrrrr… like ever, and Kylies brows were my goal! They say don’t trust someone with bad brows… but I give great advice. Plus my situation is finally fixed! I had basically given up on my brows.  Nothing had helped, not even filling them in with pencil.  I was done.  Until. I. Found. Milly.  Brows by Milly has literally stepped up my brow game! #AndImBackInTheGameMilly introduced me to something called microblading which to be honest I had never even heard of before.  All I knew was when I saw her before and after pictures I wanted in.  The transformations are incredible.  I did some googling and only found 3 other places in Atlanta that did microblading and I was a little concerned.  After vetting the others I realized Milly was the best.  She specializes in brows and brows only.  I mean would you ever go to a doctor for an oil change?  No!  You get my point.  Why go to someone that does a million other things when you could go to someone who is a certified brow pro!  Is that a word?  Well it’s accurate and that’s exactly what Milly is!  She took more pride in my brows than I had shown them in 10 years.   Sorry brows.  Seriously so lucky I found her!


What is Microblading

So I’m guessing you’re wondering what the hell is microblading?   I’ll give you a breakdown.  Microblading is a semi permanent technique using color pigment drawn onto the skin giving you natural looking eyebrows.  The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes creating a beautifully designed brow.  It’s like imitating your hair growth into fine lines and filling the gaps thus defining a 3D definition with a fuller and thicker finish.  More FAQ’s here on Milly’s page.


The entire process takes 45 minutes to an hour and after Milly put the pain free cream on I felt nothing!  It was amazing.  She draws the brow shape and outline first so you can approve it. Then she uses an app to measure for symmetry.



After that she has a special trick and I’m not allowed to spill “the secret sauce” but it helps them stay put for up to a year.  You know how people say don’t go to a hair dresser that has bad hair.  I went in with the same expectations and obviously Milly has great brows so the trust factor was a 10.  She is super nice and explains the process really well.  Not to mention she’s really good and has been doing this for years.  Not knowing what to expect, I was afraid I was going to come out with black sharpie brows.  Lucky for me Milly matches the pigment to your brow color.  Initially they will come out darker but by the end of Day 10 they will fade to the perfect match!


After care

Day 1 was just a little red but I couldn’t stop staring.  I was so so so happy with how they turned out.

Day 2 and 3 you just need to keep up your after care routine.  Super simple and easy.

Day 4-7 they start to itch a tad and peel slightly but remember to keep your paws off and let them do their thing.  After not having amazing brows for so long I didn’t want to do anything to mess them up.

Day 8-10 they are healing and look marvelous.



You may note after that some may have faded or some spots are missing but that’s what your touch up is for.  Milly inspects how your skin handled the pigment and re-does any missing areas.  She even sent me home with a completely different after care routine to make sure these guys stayed put!  I did my touch up 4 weeks after and only had a few fade out and they were all located in between my eyebrow hairs so it was an easy fix.

Milly opened up her own location in Alpharetta called Sweet Peach and has also been featured in numerous magazines and publications as a leader in the industry.


About Milly


brows by Milly


I got the chance to interview Milly and ask her how she got into such a niche field like microblading.  What I learned is that Milly did whatever it took to continue her education and to learn from the best even if it meant flying to Brazil to learn from Branko Babic on how to perfect the “hair stroke” technique.  And trust me it worked because it looks like legit hair strokes on my eyebrows.  Milly described her experience and said, “Unlike all other permanent makeup schools, Branko does not give everyone a certification to practice microblading until he sees each students work.  He won’t issue a certification until he is satisfied with our work and the results.  I found that to be so special, because anyone can go to permanent makeup here and get certified to do any kind of procedure.  I took the class with 13 other girls and I was the first to receive my certification only 2 weeks after completing my class.  I was 3rd in the country to be certified and currently there is still not that many professionals who do what I do.  You can check them out here.

Before and After

I can’t even describe how obsessed I am with my brow situation.  I have an arch!  On my eyebrow!  I’ve always wanted one.  I know it sounds so simple but these arches are on point.  Bye bye bye to my rainbow brows.  Dreams DO come true! My mom loved my brows so much that she even got hers done! It’s such a simple, easy, painless procedure that if you’re not happy with your brows you should definitely do it!

So if you’re in the market for some new brows holler at my girl Milly because clearly she’s the best!

Rainbow brows before top // after bottom (year one)

before eyebrows microblading Atlanta

1 year touch up before

1 year touch up after

Aug 2019 Update

It’s been 2 years since I got my brows touched up. I had a baby and it’s not recommended to go while pregnant. So I waited. My eyebrows faded and had more of a shaded effect but they still needed to be filled in with pencil. I had no scarring and since it faded so much when I went back, Milly said I could basically start over if I wanted and choose another shape or tweak my existing shape. I decided to go a bit fuller and stick to the shape I had before. My brows are so much better now. So happy I got them done again.


Keep in mind this post is from 2015 and it’s 2019. It’s so important to choose the right microblading specialist so you don’t scar, it’s pain-free, and it lasts! Do your homework because now I see so many businesses adding microblading as a service like an add on. Milly JUST does brows. This is basically a tattoo for your face so please, for the love, don’t get it done at your hair salon or nail salon. Go to a specialist. Yes, Milly books months in advance but it’s because she is THAT good. This is your face people. Make the right decision.


Because friends don’t let friends have bad brows you can find Milly on Facebook // Instagram // Website // or call 678-887-1066 for prices or more information!  Special offer for everyone that mentions Verbal Gold Blog.


More Information

9700 Medlock Bridge Road, 182
Johns Creek, GA 30097
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*Sponsored by Brows by Milly // all opinions are my own

How to get the perfect eyebrows - a review of microblading plus tips on how to get the best eyebrows with before and afters!