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Bridal Makeup: How to Look Flawless on Your Wedding

When it comes to bridal makeup – it’s a process. The preparations start months before the wedding day in order to have the best possible skin to put makeup on. However, besides trying to have a flawless complexion, you will also need to pay attention to your wedding dress and to the whole event.

While some will go for the more natural look, other brides might want to add some panache to their appearance. In order to have the bridal makeup you want, here are some tips to look flawless on your wedding day.

1. Find an appropriate beauty routine and stick to it

Skin care is important every day, not only to look flawless for your wedding. So, find an appropriate beauty routine for your skin type and stick to it every day. Start your mornings with cleaning your face and in the end apply products with SPF to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Minimize touching your face with your hands since that can cause irritations and allow dirt to enter your pores. Take off your makeup every night and clean your face with products until you have removed the last traces of foundation and dirt. Change your pillowcases frequently and use paper towels to dry your face.

2. Look for the inspiration online

The best thing you can do is to look for inspiration online. This will also be useful to share with your make-up artist in order to stir them in the right direction. Some looks would simply not work for you, but with few adjustments they might, so have that in mind.

Also, you will feel more at ease knowing what kind of make-up ideas are out there and that you can be creative. After all, this is your special day and you want to look as unique as possible.

3. Try before you decide

Never leave the make-up days before your wedding, but rather try on different ideas over a longer time. Take a picture of every look and let it sit for a while so you can observe it later on as objectively as possible. Trying before deciding is the common practice with dress, hair, and cake, among other things, so the same principle should be used for make-up.

But the best thing here is that you can change your mind several times before you settle on one choice, while in other cases the decision is usually permanent. Makeup trials are not an uncommon thing and will relieve you of some stress that goes hand-in-hand with weddings.

4. It’s okay to use beauty tricks

Using beauty tricks is not cheating, but a useful tool to enhance your look for the wedding. There are several things you can do that will considerably improve your makeup. Teeth whitening will make your smile glow, but instead of doing it at home, visit a dentist for professional treatment.

However, when doing eyelash extensions look for someone with lash training certificate guaranteeing that it will be done correctly. Choose the lengths and style that you like which can vary from traditional to the ones with small feathers at the ends. Also, if you always wanted to have dense eyebrows, this is your chance since that is also another feature you can choose.

Facial hair removal is also okay especially if you choose a permanent solution like epilation. Also, this is a perfect time to fix your eyebrows with any technique you deem suitable for you, like microblading for example.

5. Match the makeup with your dress

The dress and your makeup should be paired up, but don’t overdo it and allow some leeway for creativity. Traditional wedding gowns will go well with natural look featuring softly blushed cheeks and a bit of champagne eye color. If you wear a dress with bareback then cat eyes with eyeliner and strong eyelashes will bring out the more daring you.

Boho style wedding dresses can go perfectly with gentler colors, like rosé lip gloss and glitter around the eyes. On the other hand, a conservative wedding dress leaves a lot of room for creating the vamp look with matte red lipstick, matching nail polish and heavily highlighted smoky eyes.

In the end

Looking flawless is the desire of every bride. But bridal makeup will take more than a couple of hours to have you look perfect for your special day. Experiment with different styles and take a good care of your skin, and you will be looking flawlessly on your big day.