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Bring French provincial furniture home and enjoy the classy living

Bring French Provincial Furniture Home and Enjoy the Classy Living

When the word French style comes to mind, we quickly begin to imagine sharp, elegant, and classy pictures of old world charm. The era of renaissance has left behind a lot of memorable French style furniture and paintings that speak of art, aesthetics, and perfection of craftsmanship. When it comes to talking about French provincial furniture, you need to broaden your sight to look at something elegant, textured and enriched with lovely details.

Bring French provincial furniture home and enjoy the classy living

However, there are many who would like to consider the overly elaborate, ornate, and overwhelming furniture and house décor too heavy with ornamental display. The authentic French style evokes refinement, balance, and exquisite finish. This kind of style is used to enhance the glory of the house with thoughtful décor steps so that whenever your guest arrive, the first feeling that comes to their mind is sense of curiosity to know all the “How’s.” But more on that here: Useful details on French provincial furniture.

Realizing the rise of French provincial style

People began to realize the influence of French home décor in last decade. But its integration in home decoration began in mid-1700 century. Aristocratic French estates and lavish chandeliers defined the glory of the house and added impressive luxury to the overall appearance of living space. In that time, inhabitants of grand-styled houses were intrigued to imbue their homes with extravagant furnishings and ornamental opulence.

Bring French provincial furniture home and enjoy the classy living

Changing perception of French provincial style homes

Over the years, French design evolved and found its new modern value and transformed avatar. Slowly, perception of original French style found its new concept and the trend began to shift from luxury to warmth and rustic aesthetics. Now a days, home décor enthusiasts prefer to decorate their house interiors with soothing feel and cordial appeal. This kind of style is inspired by countryside characteristics and is known as French provincial furniture. At its core lies the theme of feminine qualities that reflect mild textures and muted colors. Details, however, are always there especially in fabrics in order to create temperate ambience with less opulence and good amount of contemporary features.

5 tips on achieving a splendid French provincial glory

If you are thinking to enhance the beauty of your house with unique French décor, take into account some of the important tips that will add remarkable splendor to your house.

1. Mark your house with details

Adding details doesn’t mean that you will fill every corner of your house with excessive décor elements. Don’t exaggerate the whole setting. You can mark your house interiors with a few good spectacular details that will look authentic and modern. Overdoing it means taking it completely back to history and will make it look more on the odd side.

Bring French provincial furniture home and enjoy the classy living

2. Antique pieces will enhance the magic

If you want to achieve a provincial charm, you can invest in antique pieces. You can buy some quaint features with antique value and integrate them with modern settings inside your house. This way you will be able to blend the old spirit with the new style without compromising on simplicity. Think of having chest of drawers going side by side with modern armchair or metal bed.

3. Rustic spirit

You can add more country spirit by incorporating furnishings that are designed using rustic materials. French provincial furniture will look genuine if done well along with old-world style.

4. Jewelry

Curved lines and silhouettes embody provincial style. You can either go for furniture with soft textures and colors or more colorful metallic accents. It will spark off viewers’ interest. Alternatively, opt for golden pieces of ornaments that will acts as gems to your house.

5. Mirrors

Never forget to integrate mirrors to boost the decorative spirt of your house. In fact, plan to add more than just one. You can make use of multiple mirrors that are framed with decorative pieces. Place them at headboards, tables and drawer chests. They always look beautiful when elegantly used.

We hope we inspired you to dive into the French provincial furniture style and impress your house guests with your new designer knowledge!