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travel photography equipment

All of the travel photography gear I use for my blog

my travel photography gear I use for my travel blog

A lot of people ask what type of equipment we use when we travel so I wanted to let you in on exactly what we’re using! Trust me, I know photography equipment can get out of control so it’s important to only take what you need. Luckily most all of the equipment we listed can fit into the backpacks below. When you’re traveling, the most important thing is to not look like a tourist so I always try to only have one piece of equipment out at a time, especially if I’m in a crowded area. It’s also why I use a non business like anti theft backpack. The zippers are concealed and you can’t tear it with a knife. It’s also why I bring multiple SD cards. You can either photo dump at the end of every day or just change your SD card – just in case.

Here’s all the photography equipment I use while I’m traveling!

1.DSLR // Nikon D5500


2. Lens // 35mm f/1.8G w/protection filter

3. DSLR Tripod 

4. GoPro Hero 4  // Hero 5

5. GoPro Accessories // Travel Case // Dual Battery Charger  // GoPro Remote


6. GoPro/iPhone Tripod // GoPro Stabilizer



7. Drone (combo bundle here)


8. Drone Landing Pad // Backup Battery // Extra Wings // Sun Shade Hood


9. Osmo Mobile (Camera Stabilizer)



10. Travel Pack

Anti-Theft                                     XL camera backpack



11. Extra Camera SD Cards // Extra Micro SD Cards //  Carrying Case


12. 6ft iPhone Charger

13. Solar Phone Charger

14. Travel Adaptor 

15. Car Power Inverter

This doesn’t count as travel gear but just in terms of general equipment I have I’ve listed the lighting and backdrop links below. These are perfect if you’re shooting at home and need extra light or if you’re creating videos for youtube!

Lighting // Backdrop



I’d love to know what photography equipment you use and any tips you have for documenting your travels! Do you have a favorite backpack or lens? Leave all your recommendations below!

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