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Be Your Own Other Half/ Why It’s Okay To Be Single In College

As a senior in college, I’ve seen my fair share of failed relationships. All these girls around me getting wifed up with the perfect (or so they pretend he is) guy and then here I am crashing and burning every single time I try to date. Is it me? Am I just too crazy? I’ve wasted way too many tears wondering. But after the last failed attempt, I realized that college is my time to shine, not to worry about if my man likes someone else’s Instagram photos.

With a little help from my girlfriends I picked up the pieces of myself that some literal dog left me in and vowed that my last semester would be about me. College is your time to thrive; to learn about yourself and grow as an individual. You make mistakes and learn from them. And I’ve learned that I don’t need some loser guy holding me back from dancing on a table at happy hour.


College is supposed to be the best 4 (or more – wink) years of your life, you shouldn’t be wasting it worrying about anyone other than yourself. You should be going out and making out memories with the friends you know will never breakup with you. 20 years down the road are you going to remember the guy who didn’t text you back? No. You’re going to remember the nights you shared with your best friends. It’s okay to go a little wild and do things you could never tell your mother. 

Don’t get me wrong, relationships are great. And perhaps I’m just bitter because I’m not in one. We all have our days when we just want someone to snuggle up with and watch Netflix. Having a boyfriend makes you feel secure and comfortable. But the stress of a relationship puts a hinder on living out college to the fullest. This is the time to find your bridesmaids, not your groom. 

Being single has given me some of the best memories I can think of. I didn’t have to answer to anyone except myself, so I never had to turn down an opportunity. Vegas for the weekend while in a relationship? Can the ol’ ball and chain come? But Vegas for the weekend while single? Let me just check my wallet. You won’t have to look back and regret missing out on something because of some guy who probably isn’t as great as you think he is. 


You only get a few years to make these mistakes and go wild, why would you want to waste it on anyone but yourself?

xoxo – Jordan 

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