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Atlanta Date Nights // Orpheus Brewing


Looking for a cool date night? I have the perfect one for
you. Grab your boy, girl, or a group of friends and head over t
o Orpheus Brewing.
This is a laid back brewery with a pretty simply layout,
nothing fancy about it but a cool vibe and a patio that looks over Piedmont
Park.  For $12, you get 6 tasting
tickets and the Pourers are more than willing to make recommendations for you
(they accept cards but don’t forget your $1’s to tip). This brewery specializes
in sour and saison beers, which can make you turn up your nose but I was
pleasantly surprised.  The sour
beers like Atalanta and Clio were refreshing and light. If those don’t do it
for you, you can always wet your whistle with their IPA Series and for an extra
hoppy kick, try the Transmigration of Souls (however, I don’t recommend trying
after all the sour beers, it makes it even hoppier). Now I’ll admit, I didn’t
actually take the tour (my priorities were elsewhere) but you Goldie Foxes take
the tour and report back, thanks!
Next stop, FOOD! You must have dinner after a few drinks. HOBNOB is
walking distance from the brewery so head down the path to the restaurant. They
have a little bit of everything so it shouldn’t disappoint. I would recommend
the TAVERN Sampler to soak up some of the beer and the soft pretzel and warm
cheese & beer dip are on point.
Enjoy and share your favorite date night ideas with us!
Note: Orpheus is only open 4 days a week and select times,
so check out their website before heading over.
And there is available parking (which I always like to know ahead of time).
xo Lindsay