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Affordable Luxury: How to travel with large groups or family

Luxury travel for less booking tips

I recently went to Vegas for work and was traveling with my business partner and a few associates. After searching around for a few hotel deals and looking for the most affordable option, we opted to book a suite through Suiteness. The rooms are better and larger, it was more affordable than individual rooms, we’d be able to stay at the same hotel on the same floor with a connecting suite, we wouldn’t have to share beds or rooms, and we’d still be close enough to work together when needed. Plus, it was so much easier to book with Suiteness since I was traveling with a group.

Why I Used Suiteness On My Last Business Trip

Cramming everyone into one room sucks and I’m old enough not to want to share a bed or even a room with someone. Hard pass. With Suiteness you can book a hotel room that connects to a suite that gives you all the space and privacy you need! Suiteness also offers a pay by group option so you can split the bill with your group as well as financing so you can suite now and pay over time. Plus, if you book a connecting suite through Suiteness you are getting a room that connects to a suite for HALF the price of a standard two-bedroom hotel suite. It’s an amazing value!

Just go to for yourself and check it out! It’s way better than vacation rentals because you still get all the space and affordability PLUS all the amenities of a hotel – like room service. Yes, please! If you’re too busy to even book, Suiteness can do it for you. They help you plan your trip for free. I’m so happy I stumbled onto their site because I’m such a fan!

What is Suiteness

Suiteness was started in 2014 with a simple goal: let anyone book exclusive luxury hotel suites they never knew existed, online. Suiteness has access to the most luxurious suites in the world. Experience amenities like private entrances, personal butlers, and even private pools. Never before have these suites been available for booking online, but now with Suiteness, you are able to get easy access to the perfect luxury suite tailored specifically to your every desire.

Their mission is for people to take more vacations. They do this by making vacations better, more affordable and easier to plan.


How To Use Suiteness For Families Traveling With Kids

Since I’m pregnant I’m already planning out how to save for family travel. My number one priority will always be the safety of my kid but I still will need my own space and privacy. I don’t think I’ll ever get my kid their own room that connects to the hallway but with Suiteness, I can book a suite to spread out and give them their own space while still being able to keep an eye on them. Suiteness also has an amazing concierge team that can help you find kid-friendly places to stay and activities. Bunk beds, minions themed suites and more!

Book a Suite for Your Next Group Trip

Why settle for a vacation rental when you can book a nice suite? The shared space and private rooms that vacation rentals offer are great. But why take the risk of putting your hard-earned vacation in the hands of someone renting out space for extra money?

What if you could get the space and privacy of a vacation rental with the service and amenities of a luxury hotel? Hotel suites are a great way to truly enjoy your trip without worrying about security or cleaning up. Cleaning up is always the worst part of vacation rentals not to mention the worst way to end a vacation. Can you say daily maid service with clean sheets and towels? Le sigh. My favorite! With Suiteness’ exclusive suites with attached rooms, you also get the space you need while traveling with a big group, with the added advantage of private attached rooms.

The Suiteness Advantage for Group Travel

Spacious, luxury suites You don’t have to book a vacation rental because you can’t find a space that sleeps you and your 8 other friends. Two-bedroom suites, three-bedroom suites with an attached balcony, four-bedroom suites with private butler… you have options that are not available anywhere else. Get more space for the same price as a vacation rental and half the price of a two-bedroom suite. Plus, deals and perks only available here. If you find a better price, we’ll refund the difference.

Great value Suiteness’ exclusive multi-room suites offer great value for groups of 6+ that cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, groups of 8 can find exclusive two-bedroom suites in Vegas and enjoy 5-star hotel amenities at $60-$100 per person per night.

Pay as a group Traveling as a group also means paying as a group. Suiteness makes it easy for you to split your bills and pay as a group.

Complimentary concierge Planning for a group trip is a huge responsibility – let us take that away from you. Whether you want to arrange show tickets, make dinner reservations, arrange a pick up from the airport to the hotel – Suiteness concierge team will take care of it.

Stay together… When you book on Suiteness, you are guaranteed to stay together in our exclusive two and three bedroom suites. If your group is bigger, we will do everything we can to ensure you are assigned adjacent suites or are put up on the same floor.

…but get your own space too Most suites on Suiteness come with separate living areas and bedrooms (often separated by a door). So your entire group can dine and lounge together in the same suite, but when you need your own space, just escape to your private, attached room. Know whether your rooms will connect before you get to the front desk. We specialize in connecting suites that accommodate 4 or more guests. So, you can travel together, yet apart — with doors that close like they do at home.



Have any questions about Suiteness or how it works, drop a comment below! I’ve been keeping this little gem a secret for a while, so now that y’all know I expect some amazing suite tags on Instagram! I can’t wait to see your next suite!

Don’t believe that I’m a Suiteness regular, check out my last suite here!


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*Thanks to Suiteness for sponsoring this post and hosting me. All opinions are my own.