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How to Inspire Other Women and Build a Killer Network

Building a network of like minded women is so important to become a successful female entrepreneur. On this post, I share how to inspire other women and build a killer network!

I don’t believe in competing with other women, but instead, I believe that building a network is the single most important thing you can do in business and life in general. That’s why, as a blogger, I’ve always stressed on the importance of creating a rec list.

Empowering each other is so important, so here’s how to inspire other women and build a killer network!


   How to inspire other women

Reach out: You need to make the first move and reach out to them. Connect with women in any way that you can and make sure to connect on a deeper level. Some women are shy at first to open up about what they are going through and some just want to keep it to themselves but when they feel opening up to you is safe, they will probably share their story with no hesitations.

Share your story: One of the best testimony you can have is to be the hero in your own story. It’s easier to motivate and inspire other women when you had gone through the most difficult challenges in life and how you managed to get through them. Share to them the attitude you used while dealing with difficult times or let them know what kept you from giving up. It will mean a lot to them and will look up to you.

How to inspire other women

Motivate and inspire: Motivate women to be productive, aspire in learning more, and keep on growing despite life’s hardships. You can also inspire them to still maintain self-care, self-love, and self-worth. Let them know how valuable it is to take good care of ourselves first and how productive we become in society if we are happy and healthy. Tell them that they are capable of accomplishing many things in life and they just need to believe in themselves.

Give tips and wisdom: You can share some of the knowledge you know and share some important stuff you’ve read online or anywhere that you think might help them too. You can share anything as long as it enlightens and gives them hope. Encourage them to be better, to not give up easily, and to keep on fighting. Let them know the beauty of being strong, tough, and that women are such gifts in this world. Each woman is amazing and deserves nothing but the best of everything.

Monitor them: Assess how you can communicate with these women and find ways to know how they are doing. Ask them how their day went, did they have a tough week, any news about their life, updates about them dealing with their problems or do they have one right now, ask them if they are happy and if not, let them know you’re there to listen and how you can help. Checking up on them once in a while makes a huge impact on their life.

How to inspire other women

Be their friend: Be kind and share positivity. Be there for them and when you say you can be their friend, mean it wholeheartedly. Share kindness to anyone you meet along the way because you don’t know the battles they are going through and you being their friend might save them from a lot of troubles.

Support them: Be their friend and support them on whatever decisions they take as long as it is for their own good and if not, be honest enough to let them honestly know what you think about their decision. Support them on the things that make them happy and wish the best for them. Be a cheerer on this life full of haters and critics.

Be a listener: This one will really test your listening skills but hey, it won’t cost you anything if you just sit there with them and be one with them. Give your undivided attention to them and make sure you are paying attention to what they have to say. Just be there and try to understand their perspective while listening. Having someone to talk to and someone who will listen is one of the greatest things in life that matters the most.

How to inspire other women

Don’t judge: Always remember that you have no right to judge anyone because you have no idea what they have dealt with in their life and you either don’t want to be judged too. The best thing that you can do is inspire them instead of judging them. When you make a person feel that they are not being judged after sharing their story, it makes them feel more comfortable and the urge to open up more about themselves become stronger.

Celebrate their success: This one is a good part where you connect to women, laugh, cry and celebrate life’s achievement with them. Let them know that you are happy for them and you celebrate with them when they had overcome some difficult challenges in life. When they know they have someone that supports and believe in them, they will surely be inspired to achieve more. When you inspire someone, it makes the world a better place! From one single step of kindness to a world filled with more positive people.


You’re a grown-ass woman so lose any mean girl tendencies and support your fellow women entrepreneurs! Share this with a badass woman that inspires you!