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10 Photo Ideas With The Famous London Phone Booth Perfect For Instagram

instagram photo ideas with the London phone booth

I never get tired of seeing such iconic design and history and the London Phone Booth is just that. It’s always fun to take photos with them and with so many options, which pose is your go to? I’ve rounded up 10 different ways to strike a pose with the famous London phone booths!

10 Photo Ideas With The Famous London Phone Booth Perfect For Instagram

1.As a group or with your bestie


2. The lean / pose standing by it

Greetings from snowy London! Just had to take this touristy photo.

A post shared by Rosalie (@rule_of_fashion) on Dec 10, 2017 at 10:09am PST


3.  All alone / just the phone booth

☃️ SNOW HO HO ☃️ . #MondayMood . ??EN : How was your weekend? I was home writing music when yesterday the first flakes of snow felt on the streets of London. I became so excited that I took my big ski jacket and went outside to enjoy it. Millions of flakes covering the city… Magical! How do you feel when you see snow? ☃️ C. xxx . ????BE // FR : Comment était votre week-end? Je passais mon dimanche à écrire de la musique quand les premiers flocons de neige ont commencé à couvrir les rues de Londres. Je suis devenue tellement excitée, que j’ai pris ma grosse veste de ski pour aller en profiter dehors. Des millions de flocons couvrant la ville, c’était magique! Et vous, la neige ça vous fait quoi? ☃️ C. xxx . . #CiinderellaB #CiinderellaBMusic #LastTenMusicGroup #SingerSongwriter #MusicComposer #Model #BelgianBlogger #LondonBlogger #MusicianLife #Music . . #LondonPhoneBooth #Snow #Winter #LondonSnow #Britain #Chelsea #ChelseaToday #VisitChelsea #London #Londoner #londontown #londonpop #mylondon #VisitLondon #LondonCityLife #LondonLife #LondonLifeStyle #LondonCityPhoto

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4. With the one you love / takes 2 to tango


5. Pop out to say hi


6. Opening it

London town ??

A post shared by Mike McKenna Jr (@mikemckennajr) on Dec 22, 2017 at 3:26am PST



7. Close up


A post shared by Layla ? (@_layla.bee_) on Dec 24, 2017 at 4:58pm PST


8. Walking out of the booth

Calling Christmas ☎️

A post shared by Diana Eme (@soydianaeme) on Dec 24, 2017 at 10:34am PST


9. The selfie


10. The fake phone call



BONUS: Don’t try this at home….but leave it to Stella and Patrick to do some crazy pose and steal the show!


There are so many ways to have fun with the iconic London phone booths so have fun and remember to tag us on Instagram!