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Q&A with Outdoorsy: What it’s like renting my RV

I recently was interviewed by Outdoorsy to share what it’s like as an owner who rents their RV on Outdoorsy and what the RV rental business is like. I’m so happy to share my thoughts and tips with you.

Type of RV you own: C class Jayco Redhawk

URL of your Outdoorsy listing:

Number of rentals so far: 36

Number of reviews: 18

Star Rating: 4.7

What is your profession? Blogger

Why did you first decide to get an RV? I’ve wanted an RV since I was little. I always thought they were so cool. I used to tell my parents, one day I’m going to buy one and we’re going to travel around the US together. During the pandemic, I started looking at them as a way to safely travel. Flash forward, I bought one and did that with my family.

Why did you choose the RV you did? If you want to travel long distances I think a C-class RV is the only way to go. I didn’t want to just do a road trip in a car. I didn’t want to tow an RV. The point of an RV in my opinion is to be in it. So that’s why we choose a C class. It’s a great beginner size. Plus we could comfortably take our 2 dogs, and all the baby gear, and we didn’t have to stop to use the restroom. If you’re wanting to live in your RV for long periods of time then I would recommend a tow behind because they have the ability to extend out and are much more spacious.

Why did you choose to rent your RV? Did you buy knowing you would rent it? I always knew I’d rent it out when it wasn’t in use. I love a good side hustle. After we did our cross-country road trip I figured it might be a while until we could do it again so I decided to list it on Outdoorsy only. I got my first booking the same week and then it just exploded.

Do you have more than one RV in your fleet? We don’t but we’ve been thinking about getting more.
Do you do/have anything special to stand out from other RV owners? I’ve looked around at other listings in the area and the only thing that I can tell is that my RV is newer.

Why did you choose Outdoorsy? I choose Outdoorsy because I’d seen them online and originally looked on the site to rent one before buying mine.

How long did it take for renters to begin booking your RV on Outdoorsy? The same week my RV had two bookings. The first one was over $700 and the second was over $1000. After making over $1700 the first month my RV was on Outdoorsy, I knew this was going to be awesome! In two weeks I already had $16,000 in bookings for the rest of the year. I quickly learned to up my rates in the summer, set generator limits, and add a cleaning fee.

How much have you earned and in how much time by renting on Outdoorsy? Over $60,000 in a year and a half.

Who have you met through the Outdoorsy community? Are they campers and outdoorsy people like you? I’m in a fun and informative FB group of other renters who are alwalys there to help and lend their advice.

Do you feel safe renting your RV on Outdoorsy? Why? What about the policies or the renters that help you to feel safe? I feel safe because I know Outdoorsy verifies each renter. I check and take a picture of their ID and they have to be verified with the insurance. I also leave an apple air tag in the RV so I know where it goes, if it gets stolen or lost, or how soon until the renter gets back in case we loose communication.

What concerns did you have with renting on Outdoorsy?
I didn’t really have any concerns. With all the checks and balances in place. I just really hoped people were having a good time.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start an RV rental business? So much! I have a ton of tips on my Instagram @verbalgoldblog and my blog Just start. The overhead is super low. You can park it at a Uhaul when it’s not being rented. Find a mobile mechanic, tire place, and repair shop close to you. A rental welcome booklet goes a long way. Make sure to include How To and set up steps for the renters. Make it easy for renters to take care of your RV. Include the proper RV toilet paper, leave trash bags, a handheld vacuum, a booklet of FAQs and how-to’s, a key lanyard (and an extra set of keys), and a door mat.

  1. Offer add-ons. Parking space, linen package, camping chairs, tent, etc.
  2. Offer add-ons post-trip. Like a worry-free return, gas refill, late drop off etc.
  3. Include fees. The delivery fee, cleaning fee, pet fee, late fee, dump fee
  4. Auto-set your rate to change with seasons. Increase your rate during the summer months, or your busy season.
  5. Charge. This is a business. Remember to charge. Always set and charge for mileage and generator usage.

Would you recommend Outdoorsy to a friend? Why or why not? 100% It’s been such a great way to make an additional income by renting your RV.

Tell me one of your favorite camping memories or rental experiences. Oh my gosh! I have a good one. We’ve had some incredible people rent our RV. The writer of Outer Banks rented it to write season 2 and that was so cool. I had a band rent it and a famous rapper from Atlanta took it to his concert. So fun! I need to have a guest book. It was also a trailer for a movie set. The RV was also parked at the Braves parade when they won the World Series. So fun!

What do you hope your RV does for others? I hope my RV brings others so much joy so they’re able to travel as a family, explore different parts of America and create their own memories. We have a ton of families that rent it in Georgia and drive to the Grand Canyon. It’s my favorite road trip!

[Sidebar] 8 Rapid Fire Q’s: 

Favorite morning beverage: Vanilla flavored Coffee with collagen creamer and two pumps of caramel sweetener

Favorite campsite meal: Anything on the grill

Music you like to play on the radio: I always start the day with Good Day by Kidd Kenn

Favorite season: fall for sure!

Last photo you took: always Colt baby

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal: Tiger for sure

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? Mexico? Costa Rica? Belize? South America? I just want to keep going. I mean, wherever the road can take us.