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What Is A Rec List And Why You Should Have One As a Blogger

Wondering how to make money blogging? One of the musts that no one talks about is creating a recommendation list and here's everything you need to know to create your own! #Blogging

To me, this is the number one way to increase your income as a blogger and to help other women on the way to the top! It’s a win-win for everyone.  So I’m going to share my little shortcut with you. Pretty sure not many bloggers do this since I’ve been asking around and after I posted I did a little search on Google and Pinterest and not one thing came up…but I’d love to change the game.

In this post I’m going to share:

What Is A Rec List And Why You Should Have One As a Blogger


The Blogging Business

Let’s get real. Blogging is a lonely business. Unless you’re on a group press trip, you’re spending most of your time alone. You’re either traveling alone or behind your computer or on your mobile phone (obviously by yourself at home in your sweats) trying to make friends on the internet or even more awkward, in person at some random event. It’s hard. There are downfalls to every industry but blogging and the social media world can get clicky and some people hold their cards close to their chest, meaning they are in a selfish race.

That’s not how I operate. I believe when women support other women, incredible things happen. Truly. I think it’s so important. Fuck the fake shit. Genuinely care and help without expecting something in return. And help regardless of someones following size. If I ask for help, and I do, I always offer something of value in return. I always show support back and give back because I don’t want to be a taker and I greatly appreciate the help or information.

Don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t following me, have never liked or commented on a photo, and show zero support for my business and then ask me for inside information or to meet up so I can teach you how to be a travel blogger chances are I will send you my consultant rate or call you out for it because that shit isn’t cool. Unfortunately, that happens a lot. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

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What Is A Rec List

So I created a rec list as a leave behind. It’s basically my referral sheet of media recommendations I give to brands/clients after I’m done working with them. It lets them know, “Hey these are the people I admire in my field and think they’d be a great fit. You should totally work with them next!” It doesn’t hurt me at all and it helps my friends. If I don’t feel like a brand is the right fit for me, I still send my rec list. I just say, “Thanks for the opportunity but I don’t think I’m the right fit. I’d try reaching out to these rockstars next! They do really great work and are some of my favorites. I highly recommend them.” Pay it forward. Support others. Especially because it can potentially put money in their pocket, build their network, and give them exposure.

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Why You Should Have a Rec List

The ladies on my rec sheet are the real deal. They help when asked and always show support. It’s okay not to know all the answers and to be vulnerable. You need a support group to help in our industry to discuss rates, what to charge, who to contact, trade contacts, who to hire, finding agents and managers, reviewing contracts, etc when you’re struggling. It also helps so you get paid what you deserve. There is no guide book or how to for bloggers so it’s important for us to be on the same page. Like not working for free.

Plus everyone has their strong suits. I found that when we all come together and share ideas we usually teach each other something. One of the main reasons Meredith from Cake and Confetti and I started our Blogger Mastermind Squad on FB. There is so much knowledge to be had by having a supportive group of women helping each other.  Coming from someone who has over a decade of advertising experience and knows how big brands budgets are, there is enough room at the top for everyone. Even in our supersaturated industry.

On one of my last trips, the GM asked me who to work with next so I started leaving my “recommended to work with” list behind after I leave a property. He said if I can point him in the right direction (since there are a few bad eggs out there) then he’d pay me a referral fee or give me another stay at his resort. What a great idea right!? So not only can you help others but in some cases, you may even be able to benefit.

My rec list has my recommended bloggers, travelers, content creators, and photographers on it that I know would crush it and that I can trust since my name is behind them. People that I know are good for their word, do great work, and have proven results. Women that have longevity in the industry. Sometimes I even send it out before a trip to ask the property if they’d like to have multiple bloggers there at the same time since cross-promoting content only helps promote the resort and expand their reach.

Rec lists are a great way to help each other because it’s not very often travel bloggers visit the same property again, at least in the same year. So spread the love. I do this with brands as well. As soon as you’re done with a campaign you can send a referral list over. Luisa, from Peaches to Pearls, did this for me way back when. She turned down a brand event and sent them her rec list (which had me on it). I couldn’t go to the event but I continued the conversation. I told the brand that I’d love to work with them and from that email, I actually secured a year-long contract. We still have a great working relationship 3 years later. Negotiating power is where it’s at folks. Blog post on that coming soon!

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How To Create Your Own Rec List

First, reach out to who you’d want on it and ask their permission. Make sure it’s cool first but typically people are super happy to have an active referral source. Include their name, social media handle, and contact email at a minimum. You can also add where they’re based and what their niche is if you want. If you want to go all out and include an image(s) of their work you can do that as well. Make it easy for your client to know exactly who it is and how to reach them.

My Rec List

Here’s an example of my rec list. The rec list that I send out is actually clickable so you can click the social handle that directly links to their social media page. Easy peasy.

Media recommendation list design for bloggers


The Financial Breakdown

Imagine having 10 people on your rec list. I’d say the average blogger can work with 3-10 clients a month. Let’s say the average deal size is $1,000 to make things easy for the sake of this example. So if you were on the rec list of your same 10 recommendations you could potentially get introduced to 30-100 new clients every month! If you close just 10% of those intros, you’d gain 3-10 new clients a month and potentially increase your income by $3,000- $10,000/month! That’s $36,000 – $120,000 a year!

Amazing right!?

Granted this is just an example but now you’re able to see the financial impact it could have on your business. Even getting referred to just 1 good client would be a win in my book!

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Hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to read more blogging inspired topics please let me know! I have a lot in the pipeline and plan on sharing a lot more. Now go create your own rec list to share! Feel free to add me to your rec list! I’d love to be on it!

Have questions? Leave them below or shoot me a message!

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Blogging ain't easy and learning the ins and outs of blogging as a business even less so! In this post, I share why a blogger rec list is a must and the steps to take to create your own! #blogging #business

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