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6 Simple Habits to Adopt to Live a Longer Healthier Life

The fountain of youth, the youth serum… people have always shown a desire to live long and stay young. As we were able to witness in many movies and novels, an infinite youth may be more of a curse than a bliss. On top of it all, it is still a domain of fiction. However, a long healthy life is an easily achievable reality. So, dive In and get started.

A healthy active lifestyle

Let’s start with an obvious point which does not seem to get said enough. A healthy lifestyle is based on healthy habits. If you have a child, do them a favor and introduce them to healthy habits, the earlier in life the better. One of them is choosing the right types of food and the right quantities. Teach them not to overeat and to enjoy a glass of water over a glass of soda. Eating the right nutrients impacts everything from your skin to your brain. Also, choose to be active. Have an evening walk every day and jog for 5 minutes. Do things standing up and move around, try to spend as little time sitting down as possible.

Stay positive

Being an optimist will not only help you get through life but will keep you around longer. It’s not only about being happy but also about what the negative perspective can do to you. Negative thoughts can lead to depression, paranoia and a constant state of stress. The mental stress can stress out the entire body leading to a poor immune system and showing signs all over. Two states of mind which are easily linked to being positive, a good self-esteem and having faith, have also been proven to prolong human life.

Adopt a friend

While it would be lovely to simply be able to go out and adopt a friend since good social life also influences longevity, here we are referring to furry friends.  Pet owners seem to be less common visitors to medical facilities. They are also more likely to maintain good mental health. A pet is a companion and it helps reduce stress. Stroking or cuddling with a pet reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Also, with them around, one can never feel lonely.

Get married

The studies have shown that married people or those who live in de facto relationships but consider themselves married, live longer. They have someone to share the stress of life with, someone to fully rely on, and someone to care for them. Another good thinking about having a steady partner is the availability of sex. Having sex frequently is particularly important to men, not in a prejudiced way, but it reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer. It also releases oxytocin and endorphin, reduces stress, and is definitely a form of a physical activity.

Play golf

Believe it or not, the studies have shown that golf can help you live longer. A beautiful thing about it is that it golf training is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age. It is usually played with a golf trainer, or friends so it is a social activity. It allows you to spend miles walking without even noticing. You spend time in nature and focus on one thing at the time which can help you reduce stress. It has even been used as a clinical therapy for people suffering from depression, as well as those fighting addictions.

Leave the mess out

The Mess is never good, not in your life, not in your office, and certainly not in your home. The studies have shown that being surrounded by clutter increases the levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. This applies to women, in particular. Declutter your home, but not only that, kick your hoarding habit. At the present time, we still live in a society where everything is available at all times, and there is usually no good reason to stash things in case you might need them later. Buy only as much as you need now. This will consequently reduce the amount of clutter you have. It will also make you less wasteful which is good for the environment.

Remember, you can live long in a hospital bed, plugged into a machine. However, the quality of the life you live is what matters. All of the tips above strive at improving the quality of your life, which consequently increases the number of years you spend on this planet. Keep yourself healthy and happy and you will be around to witness many more miracles the humanity has to offer.