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6 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve the Mood of Your Home

Sometimes when you walk in your home, the mood can feel off. There may not be any specific thing you can point out that’s making it feel that way, but the feeling remains. It’s one thing to have a bad day or be grumpy and come home in that mindset, but it’s another to feel it in the mood of your home on a daily basis.

If you’re feeling this way in your home, there are simple steps you can take to fix it! Read on for some ideas that will be easy ways to instantly improve the mood of your home. After a quick project or two, your home could feel brand-new, inspiring positive vibes and better days in the future.

1. Clean up Your Home

It’s one thing to keep your desk or your bathroom clean, but it’s a different challenge entirely to keep an entire home clean. There’s a lot of space to deal with, and you might genuinely forget about some parts. When was the last time you vacuumed your closet or wiped down the insides of your light fixtures?

Residue and mess gradually building up may not be noticeable when you look around, but it can make you feel like you’re living in a cramped or uncomfortable place. That quickly leads to a negative atmosphere, which you can fix with a thorough cleaning. You can freestyle it and clean what you see as you move through your home, or you can make a list of everything that needs some attention. However, you work best, try cleaning your house to see what a difference it will make in how you feel in your space.

2. Focus on a Work Space

Whether you work on things you’re passionate about, or you work a day job to pay the bills, anything that happens during the workday can be stressful. It’s good to get away from where you handle all that negative energy, but if you work from home, that energy may be filling every room. The best thing you can do to fix that is to work only in one spot.

If you have the room to create an office, make one happen. Try not to take your work or business outside that room. For those with smaller living spaces, dedicate a desk to your work that is as far away as possible from where you regularly hang out. When you establish a healthy work space, the rest of your home will feel more stress-free.

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3. Paint a New Wall Color

Anyone who owns their home or has a lease that allows you to paint should consider giving their home a fresh splash of color. The shade on your walls might be ruining the atmosphere in your home. You can look at how paint colors affect moods to narrow down how you want your space to feel. For example, think about painting rooms a cool shade of blue to experience its calming effect.

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4. Incorporate Natural Lighting

Open your curtains and bask in some sunlight to see what a difference it can make in your home. Sunlight has been shown to increase the production of serotonin in the human brain, leading to elevated feelings of happiness. Get in the habit of opening your blinds every morning to allow as much sunlight into your home as possible.

5. Make Things Smell Nice

Maybe you always keep your home clean, you open your curtains and even keep your work and home life separated. Have you thought lately about how things smell? People quickly get used to the odor in their home and accept it as routine, even if it isn’t pleasant. Spray some air freshener or light a candle and see if it helps lift the negative mood in your home.

6. Get Some Plants

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can get a few houseplants to make your home a happier place to be. Check out some succulents for beautiful plants that require little care and place them on a sunny shelf or counter top. Studies have shown houseplants boost your mood and reduce stress levels. Whatever you pick will help you out, so think about how much care you want to give a plant and get one you love.

Improving the mood of your home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Try out some of these easy tips to see just how quickly you can turn things around. Paint your rooms a different color, get a houseplant and open the curtains. Making your living space a positive one may only be a project away.