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5 Travel Essentials For Las Vegas

Wondering what to pack for a trip to Las Vegas? On this guide, I share all my Vegas packing essentials that you must bring along for a seamless Vegas vacation! #Vegas #USA


Traveling to Vegas is a fun way to get out of the house and enjoy the nightlife that Las Vegas offers you. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, the family, or a partner there are some Vegas travel essentials you need to bring along. Today I’m featuring some of the top things that you must bring to your next trip to Vegas.


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Vegas Travel Essentials



Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses

It’s going to be pretty sunny in Vegas, so you’ll want to bring along some items that protect your eyes and skin from that sunshine. A fun stylish hat and fabulous sunglasses are two of the most important Vegas travel essentials. You’ll also want to consider some sunscreen to protect your skin during your outdoor adventures in Vegas.


Layers for Outfits

Consider bringing along a cardigan or hoodie to put over your clothing when the temperatures dip. Since Vegas can go from 90 plus degree temps during the day to 70 or lower during the nighttime hours, having some sort of extra layer for your fabulous outfits are necessary. It’s important that you’re always comfortable in Vegas during your fun-filled vacation.


Water Bottles

Since there’s lots of sunshine, and if you’re into drinking alcohol then lots of alcohol, you may want to bring along your own water bottles. Many Vegas vacationers forget how quickly the sun can dehydrate you. Get your favorite reusable water bottles and bring them along to use during your Vegas vacation so that you can maintain proper hydration.


Proper Footwear

Since Vegas is more than just walking along the strip, you’ll want to bring along the proper footwear. Be sure to plan your Vegas vacation itinerary before leaving so that you’ll know what type of shoes you’ll need. If you plan to hike, then you’ll want to bring along some hiking friendly boots, as well as your fabulous dress shoes. But no matter what, where comfortable supportive shoes that have already been broken in. Then bring a back up pair of flip flops for when you want to throw your shoes in the trash. 


Travel Bag

Don’t forget to bring along a bag or purse that’s easily thrown over your shoulder or on your back. When you’re off on a day adventure in Vegas, you’ll still need to bring your ID, some cash, and other items that you’ll need during your outing. It’s important to bring along a backpack or purse for use as a travel bag during your vacation in Vegas.



Spending time in Vegas is an excellent way to reduce stress and rejuvenate the soul with awesome scenery, warm temperatures and many attractions to enjoy. Using my Vegas travel essentials list you’ll be packed and ready for anything that Vegas has to offer you.


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