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5 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Bedroom

We live in a busy world, but there’s one place where time should slow down – or, at least, it should feel that way. The bedroom is the place where we relax and rest before the start of each day, which makes a soothing setting key.

A minimalist design is one way to usher a feeling of simplicity and serenity. To make your bedroom the no-frills retreat you need, here are five tips to edit and, ultimately, revamp your style:

1. Cut the Clutter

Let’s start with a must-do, regardless of the design style you envision – you should start by clearing your bedroom of any and all clutter. Having an excessive amount of stuff around us has a slew of adverse side effects. For one, the number of stimuli surrounding you bombards your mind, and the last time of day you want your thoughts racing is right before bed. In general, clutter makes it hard for us to relax, too.

So, minimize the amount of stuff surrounding you in your bedroom. This might mean going through your clothes to remove the items you no longer wear, donating or selling them and reorganizing everything left so that it’s neatly tucked away in closets and dressers. Clear off any surfaces, too, so that they’re not the landing pad for bills, knickknacks, magazines, etc. If you do need easy-to-reach items next to your bed, for example, invest in a bedside table with a drawer so you can conceal your things when they’re not in use.

2. Rethink Your Bed Set-Up

One of the most significant aspects of minimalist design is that it opens up space you never thought you could use before. If you’re currently inhabiting a small studio, apartment or house, then, a simpler bedroom design would help you take advantage of your square footage.

As you’re editing the furniture contained within your bedroom, take a second look at the most essential piece of all – the bed. A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is an extremely minimalistic place to sleep each night. You’ll merely tuck your bed back into the wall each morning, allowing you to take advantage of your bedroom’s floor space. You can incorporate other furniture in with your wall bed, too – desks, couches and shelving can all be added to the setup, making your minimalist mattress even more functional.

If you prefer a permanently horizontal bed, you can still take steps to ensure it, too, serves your minimalist theme. Just placing your mattress atop a simple, rectangular platform could do the trick – plus, the frame might include storage, helping you hide away any non-minimalistic items without homes in your bedroom. A bed with a geometric headboard would also work – always keep in mind that the cleaner silhouette is better for this style of design.

3. Choose Neutral Hues

We touched on the discord that clashing colors can cause. Fortunately, you’ll have a hard time making a mess of your minimalist bedroom’s color scheme. That’s because this design style requires a neutral palette of colors, and that’s easy to put together, whether you’re skilled at design or new to the practice. If you do hope to infuse your space with a splash of a non-neutral tone, make sure it works with the softer scheme you’ve already created. Ultimately, the space will have to adhere to your interpretation of minimalism, but colors should typically be muted.

4. Add Accessories Wisely

Bedroom walls covered in bright paint is just as eye-catching as ones with portraits and paintings all over them. Reduce the visual noise by choosing a single piece of art that you love and hanging only that on your walls. Bonus points if the work you select sports a soothing color palette and image.

To that end, you can bring a bit of color into your space with the addition of an indoor plant. Leafy greens will brighten up your neutral color scheme, of course, but they also bring an earthy, grounding touch to it. Plus, houseplants boost our moods, and some varieties, including succulents and orchids, help us sleep more restfully because they release fresh oxygen throughout the night.

5. Welcome the Natural Light

With as little furniture and as few accessories as possible, natural light will become a big player in the look and feel of your bedroom. So, take down any heavy curtains – you can keep sheer panels – and let the light stream in during the day. The sun’s rays will warm up your space and make it appear even more open and airy than it already looks.

Live Minimally

These five steps could take some time to implement, but, once you have a minimalist bedroom, you’ll be wondering how you relaxed in the same space before. Clutter-free, neutral and simply beautiful, this design style will help ease you into restful sleep as you doze off amid a room you love.