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Top Tips for Making Your Figure Look Great in Your Outfits

It’s so common for us to go through turmoil with our body image, especially when we have to get dressed up for certain social affairs, such as parties or family outings. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a few simple actions, you can look super, and you can change your mindset. Let’s explore some of our top tips on how to do so.


Investing in high-quality shapewear like Skims is a surefire way for you to feel better about your figure. It comes in many different forms – it can be worn underneath outfits to mold your body, or it can be the outfit itself, in the form of dresses or bodysuits. Shapewear is renowned by women all over the world and has been an industry secret for years in showbiz. Why? Because it makes you look wonderful! And now it is more comfortable than ever before. I love that it comes in so many shapes and sizes.

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What Suits You?

Just because your friend looks great in a certain outfit doesn’t necessarily mean you will too if you’re completely different physically, and vice versa. You just need to find what suits your body type. So whether you’re a pear, apple, hourglass-shaped or athletic, check out what works best for you here. By figuring out what suits your figure, you’re more likely to feel happy and confident in your outfit choices. It’ll also help you to eliminate the ones that aren’t right for you. Never compare yourself – work with what you have!


This leads us to get clothes in the perfect fit. Although it sounds obvious, so many of us may hold onto clothing items we’ve had for years and never gotten rid of. Guilty. It’s time to have a clear-out! Get yourself professionally measured to see exactly what sizes you should be wearing. When it comes to items like bras, this can do you the world of good. So many people simply put up with ill-fitting clothing because it’s easier or they don’t know any better. But you could be jeopardizing your comfort and your confidence. Also, consider quality over quantity. Sometimes tailor-made outfits, especially for special occasions, can really make you look and feel a million dollars.

Embrace Who You Are

No matter what it is you wear, the thing that will make all the difference is how you feel about what you look like. This often needs to start from within. Although easier said than done, the body you have is going to be with you forever. Some parts can be changed due to your lifestyle, but most of it isn’t going to change too dramatically in the near future. So, accept it. Notice the things you like and focus on these parts. With this, over time, you’ll be able to see more clearly what suits you and your figure. 

With a little help from shapewear, sizing, and figuring out what looks fab on your body, you will know exactly how to flatter your figure. Check out Skims online to see what works for you.