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5 Hosting Tips That Will Get You Through The Holidays + a Giveaway!


5 Hosting Tips That Will Get You Through The Holidays + a Giveaway!
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Welp Thanksgiving is a wrap! Now onto a more sparkly and colorful Holiday that is a personal favorite of mine! This year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for 17 people. Yes 17! It was a lot but totally worth it. It was also a first this year because I celebrated Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family. That’s 2 major first happening here! Although it was a tad overwhelming and chaotic at times making sure everything was just right it was oh so fun! I love hosting and do it every chance I get! It must be the party planner in me. I have a few tips that will help get you through the Holidays and avoid the #12stinks of the Christmas. Check out Febreze’s 12 Days of Christmas spoof video with Glee’s Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison here!




1. Plan ahead – menu, music, decorations, games, seating, parking, cleaning service, flower arrangements, budget, hair, nails, literally everything!  
2. Make sure you have enough of everything – toilet paper, food, parking spots, seating, silverware and plates…
3. Ambiance – set the mood.  Make sure the blinds are angled properly, curtains drawn the way you like them, lamps on and harsh lights off, Febreze candles lit, Febreze plug ins and sprays in position.  
With these stinkers Febreze is a must have!
I keep my plug ins next to my dogs beds and the Febreze sprays in the bathrooms.  With all your family, friends and even dogs coming in and out Febreze is a must!  A MUST!  

I’m a candle girl myself but after smelling the Febreze Holiday scents and how much they eliminate the odor I’m never going back to basics.  My boyfriend actually said, “I don’t know what smells better, the upstairs or the downstairs!”  We had Febreze candles upstairs and the Febreze spray and plug ins downstairs. Let’s just call it a draw and say the entire house was smelling fresh!

4. Get help!  Don’t be afraid to ask your guest(s) to bring something, come early, help with something etc.  Lucky for me my room mate, boyfriend and family sprung into action to help get everything organized and together for our event!
5. Have fun!  De-stress.  Try to relax and enjoy.  The whole reason you prepped so hard is so you can enjoy your own party!

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Febreze 12 Stinks of the Holidays

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