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5 Student must haves!







After settling back into student life and moving into mine and Asha’s
new place in Manchester, we have filled our apartment with what we
believe are the new home essentials!


Firstly I LOVE my home comforts and I have recently spent my time investing in things to make our new place a comfy little bubble. Here are 5 FAVES that are perfect when you move into a new place:






1. The Teddy Bear Mattress Enhancer


It is as fabulous as it sounds – trust me! We might all be past the age at which it is acceptable to have a teddy bear but trust me this is the best mattress topper.



I was so jealous when Asha got hers that I had to get my own. It can turn any pathetic excuse for a mattress at uni into a comfortable cloud, that I can no longer bare to leave each morning. So good luck making those 9am classes or early meetings!


Asha loving her new teddy bear!



2. Sugr Cube Wifi Speaker


It is as cute as the name suggests- this is my fave new speaker! It is soo easy to set up, and it runs using wifi rather than bluetooth- about time! Myself and Asha are constantly hosting various guests (often unexpected) so this is perfect to play music from our laptops or phones in another room using the cool Sugr Cube app.  It may be small and adorable yet the sound quality is amazing!



I can not talk about this without mentioning the touch sensitivity features, as they make life a little bit easier. For somebody like me who loves to snooze the alarm at least 3 times every morning, it is the best invention ever! I can pick whatever sound I want to wake me up, then literally hit the top of the Sugr Cube to give me an 10 (or 30) minute snooze!


Maybe be a little more gentle with the Sugr Cube.



Andddd who doesn’t love a good party trick- well I have zero! So I bought one in the Sugr Cube 😉 It can blow out your candles, so I know what I’ll be bringing to the next birthday party I get an invite to.



There are 4 different colors it was hard to choose which one I wanted! Check them out for yourself on the Sugr Cube site here!


3. Candles


Speaking of candles, they are another great purchase to make any house a home by making it smell fabulous! Everybody loves a good Yankee Candle but my current fave is baby powder which we have scattered in every room. 

LOVE these 3!
4. Fluffy blanket/throw




After a hard day at Uni myself and Asha spend the evening chilling (procrastinating) on the sofa watching TV so having a fluffy blanket is ideal! They make our depressed little sofa seem snug and cozy when used as a throw, and are perfect for those afternoon naps when used as a blanket. 



Wine + blankets > Uni work




5. Fairy Lights


No new home would be complete without decorative fairy lights!  As Asha and I are true girly girls, we have pretty pink rose lights as well as some more standard ones we used to drape on our windows to brighten up our living room.

lights: Ikea





I know our must-haves will brighten up any dorm or uni apt.  What is on your must have list?   What do you love to do to make your apartment/dorm more homey?  We’d love to hear so drop us a line below!  


 Sam xox