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Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up

I’m pretty sure the last decent sleep I had was in the womb. Like many multitasking Millennials, I always struggle to turn off. I have a hectic schedule and rarely get the beauty rest I need. So of course I couldn’t go one day without the two Cs, Coffee and Concealer. I seriously can’t imagine spending one day out in public without my two go tos by my side, hence why I’m always on the hunt for the best coffee and concealers.


Finding the perfect concealer can be overwhelming and a constant struggle. We’ve all seen pictures where someone went too light under their eyes and the result is less than ideal. In order to find the right texture and color for your skin with lasting power I always recommend trying different types of products to see what works best for you!

In my Spring Beauty Haul post, I mentioned two new concealers I was excited to try out, Cover Fx Cream Concealer and Becca Ultimate Coverage concealing crème.
Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up

MAC Studio Finish concealer has been my go to for years, but as my skin has changed (aka I’m getting older *tears*) the coverage doesn’t seem to last as long. I was interested in the Becca creme concealer as it claimed to provide crease-less, lightweight lasting coverage and went on smoothly when I tested in the store.
Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up


But being the product commitment phob I am, I also wanted to try CoverFX Cream Concealer as my room mate has been raving about this product line she stumbled upon several months ago. The concealer is thick and pigmented, but I felt like it was easier to apply and blend than my current MAC studio finish concealer. A little goes a very long way, so one tube would last quite a while, even for a heavy user like myself. 
Fast forward to several weeks later and my initial like of both products for different reasons began to fade. My oil prone skin and hectic schedule make every product have to work overtime to conceal those steadily increasing dark circles and I started to second guess my choices.

Before and After using Becca Concealing creme
With both concealers I need to apply several layers, especially after some particularly late nights/early mornings. And due to my oil prone skin, both tend to need touch ups after just a few hours. I do like the consistency of the Becca Concealing Creme as it’s silicone based and sticky which helps it adhere to skin better, but the promise of being creaseless didn’t really pan out. I liked both concealers ok, but wasn’t in love with either and found myself per usual planning another shopping spree to find the perfect concealer…


Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up



I stumbled upon the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer and absolutely love it and am happy to report it’s become my new favorite! It’s similar to the CoverFX Concealer, pigmented so a little goes a long way, but to me it lasts longer and goes on smoother than the Mac, CoverFX and Becca concealers. Definitely love this product and will be purchasing again!
Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up
What’s your go to concealer you couldn’t imagine life without??? Let me know and I’ll check it out! 

Coffee and Concealer // Uncovering the best cover up






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