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4 Tips that will transform your dorm

4 tips that will transform your dorm!!  Make your dorm room your own private oasis and home away from home!


As Asha said before in her Beat the Back to School Blues post, decorating your dorm room is a must!



1. Bring in extra light.  Go glam with a chandelier or hang string lights.






2. Bring your dorm room to life with pops of bright color and super cute patterns.  You can even pick a theme.  Some favorites are pink and gold, glitter, black and white, warm or cool tones, or bright colors.  Try to blend your style with your roommate!




3. Decorate on the low. DIY // Wall Tapestrys // Cork boards are key!  Now is the time in your life when you can get away with hanging posters so go for it!  Some other ideas are pallet couches + seating, diy basket benches, and shelving!  Put up horizontal $5 mirrors from Ikea and hang curtains behind your bed or use as a privacy screen.


3. Personalize with touches from home and your new college / university friends!


4. Add space saving storage everywhere you can!  Stacking your beds is a must and will create SO much extra space for a work area, seating arrangement, or kitchen!  Go up the wall with storage.  Don’t be afraid to add wall shelves high to store seasonal items.  Every item should double as storage (i.e. end tables and night stands should have drawers, baskets or be trucks for storage.)






Here are some shoppable decor ideas!!




All images via Pinterest and pinned to our Dorm Room Decor board if you need more info or inspo!


xo Ady