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4 Influencer Tips To Ignore

Would you believe me if I told you each of these tips was from a major agency and new player in the course space posing as an expert emailing weekly tips? Because they are. Taken from a newsletter and video I watched from them. And listen when I tell you this, in my opinion, they couldn’t be more wrong.

I appreciate wanting to help influencers and creators land more paid brand deals but unless you’re showing me receipts and have hands-on experience in the space please keep it moving. 

4 Influencer Tips to Ignore When Reaching Out to Brands

Let’s go over the examples and excerpts I took from their tip newsletter:

Can I send over some content ideas for your upcoming campaign” 

  • We don’t recommend this unless you’ve been contracted by the brand. Ever heard the expression don’t spill your candy in the lobby. Unless you’re selling yourself as a photographer or UGC creator, the ideas aren’t going to sell you. You are going to sell you. Your accolades, your experience, your community and stats, and the quality of your work. You aren’t on their creative team nor do you work for the brand and unless you’ve sat in on a KPI and brand goals call then you don’t have enough information to be pitching content ideas. I like to hop on a call first and ask them what they’re looking for.

“Once your email is opened the goal is not to sell.” 

  • Couldn’t be more wrong. That’s always the goal. Getting your email opened is half the battle so if that happens always always always take the opportunity to sell yourself.

“Avoid ending with hard sells like a request to schedule a call or sharing your rates.”

  • This is a business and it should be treated as such. We aren’t here to beat around the bush. We aren’t little girls trying to tee hee a 5 figure brand deal. We’re grown-up businesswomen who know our worth. Scheduling a call is the #1 best way to land a high-paid brand deal and build a genuine relationship with the brand. And yes, share your rates when the brand asks. If you need help figuring those out make sure to hop in our course!

“In fact 95% of the time you won’t be successful with your pitch.” 

  • If those are your stats, find a new mentor. We have an 85% success rate. The reason theirs is so low is because of those stupid games they’re playing wasting brands time going back and forth over email. Think about how many emails you get a day that you never want to open. It’s a lot for me. I like to get straight to the point. This doesn’t mean you can’t be personable, and professional, and build a relationship with the brand all at the same time. But if you send me an extra email without any actual information then I will delete that email so fast and never open another one from you again. Need help here? Steal my templates, subject lines, and negotiation tactics!

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